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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: October 12, 1908
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: 1887
Victim profile: Emily Warburton (female, 10)
Method of murder: Drowning
Location: Winsford, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
Status: Executed by hanging in Knutsford on November 12, 1908

Twenty one year old James Phipps was an unemployed Winsford painter convicted of the murder of a schoolgirl.

On 12th October, ten year old Eliza Warburton was one of a number of children playing on Station Road, Winsford, when they were approached by Phipps who said that if one of them would fetch him some cigarette. from a nearby shop he would give them tuppence. Eliza volunteered. When she returned, Phipps asked her if she knew where there was a local lamplighter and if she would show him the way.

At around 7.30pm, they were seen on a footpath heading toward, some wasteland. Phipps had a white scarf tied over one eye socket; he had lost the eye in a schoolyard accident many years earlier. When he was next seen, an hour later, he was alone and minus the scarf.

Eliza Warburton's father had been told of her errand, and set out t find her when she failed to return home. He was accompanied by a score of locals in the search, and they fortunately came across Phipps on the path. Seeing the advancing crowd, he fled only to be arrested by the police and held on suspicion.

In a cell, he confessed that he had been teased about his missing eye and had stones thrown at him by a group of children. He chased them caught hold of the girl, then drowned her in a shallow pool. A search quickly revealed Eliza's body and Phipps was charged with murder.

So intense was local feeling against him, his Chester assizes trial before Mr Justice Lawrence was convened for 19 October, barely a wee,' after the crime. He pleaded not guilty through insanity. The prosecution claimed that he had lured Eliza into the field and after sexually assaulting her, knocked her into a ditch and drowned her in a pool of muddy water. His defence claimed that his story about the children teasing him was false but argued that the lies were concurrent with the symptoms of insanity.

The jury took only seven minutes to find him guilty, and exactly one month after the murder he was hanged by Henry and Thomas Pierrepoint on the 12th November 1908 in Knutsford.


November 11, 1908 Ė James Phipps

One-eyed monster, James Phipps was hanged for murdering a little girl in 1908.

He was sentenced to death for killing 10-year-old Emily Warburton. Phipps apparently asked the little girl (who was playing with a group of friends) if she could get him some cigarettes.

The 21-year-old then took her along a towpath in search of a lamplighter to light his fag. He was distinctive because he had a white scarf over one eye after he lost it in an accident at school. So inevitably, when Phipps was seen with her, people instantly remembered him.

When her father found out about her encounter, he went looking for her, and quite a crowd had gathered to help. Her drowned body turned up with his white scarf around her neck, and when they saw Phipps in the area, he felt compelled to leg it. But the police caught him and he is said to have confessed that kids had made fun of him because his missing eye.

Phipps allegedly chased after them and caught Emily, who he promptly drowned. Of course the story didnít wash with the jury and they took just 7 minutes to unanimously decide he was going down for his crime. Phipps was hanged in 1908 by Henry and Thomas Pierrepoint at Knutsford, Cheshire.



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