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Terry Michael RATZMANN



'Human Carnage' at Brookfield Hotel


This is an undated photo of Terry Ratzmann, the gunman in the massacre at a church meeting
at a Brookfield hotel. The photo was released by the Brookfield Police Department.



This photo of Terry Ratzmann was obtained from his personal Web site.



Police converge on the Sheraton hotel just off Interstate 94 in Brookfield after reports
of multiple shootings just before 1 p.m. Sunday.





Young hotel guests peek out their room window as the investigation goes on.
(Photo Tom Lynn.)



Mary Kay Balchunas, a chaplain from Children's Hospital, is led into the Sheraton
Saturday afternoon following the shootings. (Photo Tom Lynn.)



Brookfield Police Chief Daniel Tushaus addresses the media on the shootings.
(Photo Jeffrey Phelps.)



A pickup truck believed to belong to the gunman is towed from the hotel by police after the shootings.
(Photo Mary Jo Walicki.)



Church member Chandra Frazier, clutching a Bible, is escorted from the hotel Saturday evening.
She later described some of the events for reporters. (Photo Jeffrey Phelps.)



A grieving woman is escorted from the hotel by authorities hours after the shootings.
(Photo Jeffrey Phelps.)



An unidentified man comforts a boy as a sheriff's deputy talks to them
near a doorway to the Sheraton. (Photo Jeffrey Phelps.)



Memorials are placed in a snow bank near the hotel Saturday evening.



Crosses for the seven victims of a shooting stand outside the Sheraton hotel in Brookfield, Wis.,
with an eighth cross for the gunman separated from the rest.



An investigator enters the home of the apparent gunman, Terry Ratzmann, who lived
in New Berlin with his mother and sister. (Photo Benny Sieu.)



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