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Reinaldo Javier RIVERA



Reinaldo J. Rivera



Police found rape and stabbing suspect Reinaldo J. Rivera, inside Rainbow Terrace Motel in Clearwater
with his wrists slashed. He was taken to Medical College of Georgia Hospital for treatment.
(RON COCKERILLE/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Orangelee Barton (right) listens as her daughter Chrisilee describes her rape and near death.
Ms. Barton said her attacker stabbed her three times in the throat, apparently with a steak
knife he found in the home she shares with her mom off Peach Orchard Road.
Augusta Chronicle



Chrisilee Barton met her attacker in the parking lot of the Huddle House at Interstate 20
at Exit 5 near Belvedere, S.C.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Marni Glista



Spc. Maryorie Arroyo, a friend of slain Sgt. Marni Glista, pauses while paying tribute to her during
a memorial in Alexander Hall at Fort Gordon. The service was attended by Sgt. Glista's family
and hundreds of soldiers from the 297th Batallion.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Tabitha Leigh Bosdell



Wearing gloves and using brown paper evidence bags, Columbia County investigators collect evidence and
skeletal remains found near Pumpkin Center. Officials said the remains are of Tabitha Leigh Bosdell.



Jessica Bosdell, 16, is slaying victim Tabitha Leigh Bosdell's younger sister.
The two were living with a foster family when Miss Bosdell disappeared in June.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Tiffaney Wilson's body was found by two bow hunters in a heavily wooded area.



A missing-person sign for Tiffaney Wilson is in the window of the Winn Dixie on
South Carolina Highway 25 where her car was found.



Chrisilee Barton's details helped the police create this sketch that led to the eventual capture of Rivera.



Tiffaney Shereese Wilson lived in North Augusta with her husband, Joshua, and their daughter, Kaitlyn.
Mrs. Wilson was killed in December, and her body was found in a wooded area of Aiken County.



Joshua Wilson has a moment alone to pay his last respects to his wife, Tiffaney.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



The skeletal remains of Melissa Faye Dingess, 17, are discovered by Aiken County investigators
near the westbound side of Interstate 20 between the 7- and 8-mile markers. The Graniteville
teen was last seen July 17, 1999, using a pay phone with an unidentified woman outside
Graniteville Cafe on Ascauga Lake Road.



The area where Mrs. Wilson's body was found off of Kyle Road in Graniteville was littered
with debris, including duct tape, and empty condom package and a used condom.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Tiffaney Shereese Wilson, 17 (right) and Joshua Wilson.



Reinaldo J. Rivera, mug shot



James Bosdell, Jr. and Sheryl Bosdell talk with the press following a memorial service for
their daughter Tabatha, seen at right, at Elliott Sons Funeral Home. Mrs. Bosdell said she
wants suspected killer Reinaldo J. Rivera to die slowly.
Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Richmond County Investigator Wayne Bunton.
(JEFF JANOWSKI/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Reinaldo J. Rivera when he was with the U.S. Navy



Reinaldo Rivera at his extradition hearing.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Reinaldo Rivera, who is charged with 4 murders in Georgia and South Carolina, appeared in front of
Judge H. Scott Allen in civil court at the Law Enforcement Center to face extradition to South Carolina.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Reinaldo J. Rivera appeared in a Richmond County court to face charges, including rape,
sodomy, assault and murder.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Reinaldo J. Rivera has his hands cuffed by a sheriff's deputy following his hearing at the Law Enforcement
Center, during which he pleaded not guilty to all of the charges filed against him in Richmond County.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Judge Albert M. Pickett reads the long list of charges Richmond County has brought
against Reinaldo J. Rivera to him in a hearing at the Law Enforcement Center.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Jason Glista (left), the husband of Marni Glista, and Richmond County DA's office Victim Assistance coordinator
Sheila Stahl (right) talked before the arraignment hearing for Reinaldo Rivera at the Law Enforcement Center.
(JONATHAN ERNST/Augusta Chronicle STAFF)



Richmond County officers Sgt. Robert West (from left), Sgt. Walker Ashley and Deputy Corey
Taylor escort Reinaldo Rivera into the courtroom for his preliminary hearing.



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