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Carlos Eduardo ROBLEDO PUCH






A.K.A.: "The Unisex" - "The Death Angel"
Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: 17 robberies, one rape and two kidnappings
Number of victims: 11
Date of murders: March 1971 - February 1972
Date of arrest: February 4, 1972
Date of birth: January 22, 1952
Victims profile: Hombres (watchmen and store owners)
Method of murder: Killed his victims in a variety of ways, such as stabbing, shooting, strangling, bludgeoning to death with rocks and slitting their throats
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in 1978
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Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch (also known "The Death Angel" or "The Black Angel") (January 22, 1952 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentinean serial killer. He is convicted for eleven murders, one attempt, seventeen robberies, one violation, one attempt of violation, one sexual abuse, two kidnappings and two thefts.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment to be served in the high-security jail of Sierra Chica, near the city of Olavarria. In July 2000, he became eligible for parole; however, he didn't submit a petition.

On May 27, 2008, Puch asked to be paroled. However, a judge denied his petition considering he is a threat to society.


Robledo Puch is denied his freedom again

November 10, 2009

Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch, the greatest mass murderer of the criminal history in Argentina, was once again denied freedom by the Criminal Appeals Court of Buenos Aires.

Division II rejected an application of complaint from Robledo Puch’s (57)  official defense as they found that after 37 years in prison, the penalty was already exhausted.

Judges Fernando Mancini, Jorge Celesia, and Carlos Mahiques, did not address the fundamental question of whether Robledo Puch is capable of being released, but in agreement with the Cassation’s prosecutor, Alejandra Marcela Moretti, they decided that the issue was exhausted in the previous instance.

This is the third time in almost a year and a half that Justice refuses to free Robledo Puch.

This new analysis confirms the rejection to calls for freedom because of sentence exhaustion, unconstitutionality of Article 52 of the Criminal Code  and probation.

In May last year, Robledo Puch had called for his freedom from the Buenos Aires Prison Service (BPS), arguing that the terms of his sentence had already been realized. Then he underwent psychiatric and psychological studies that yielded unfavorable results: It wsa determined that, since 2001, Puch suffers psychotic outbreaks, he has a wicked personality and bottled up aggressiveness.

“The angel of death”, as he is known, was sentenced to 29 years imprisonment for having committed 11 homicides, 17 robberies, one rape and two abductions. Although he could have asked for freedom in 2000, he finally did so eight months ago. In 1973 he had escaped from Unit 9 in La Plata, but he was recaptured and taken to Sierra Chica prison, where he’s locked  today, in Hall 10 for homosexuals.

Robledo Puch, who lived in Tigre, Villa Adelina, was an accomplice to Jorge Ibañez. He met him at age 16. The two committed their first murder together in March 1971. They went into a “boite” in Olivos, killed the watchman and the manager, after they stunned them in their sleep. That same year they killed two other men, and toasted with whiskey on the body of the last. On board of expensive cars they abducted two young women, raped them and Puch blasted one after they had already released her half naked on Panamerican Highway.

“He’s a pal”, said Puch about Ibañez. But then he gunned him down as well and got a new accomplice, his neighbour, Hector Somoza. Together hey committed other three murders. The fourth got complicated as well. Then, Robledo Puch also killed Somoza: He set him on fire with torch they used to open safes. That body was key for his capture the next day. He was only 20.



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