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Red sweat suit and lavender top Nixzmary wearing when she died. Went to morgue in these clothes.



Her doorknob that was tied with twine to another doorknob to prevent her from escaping.



Pillow stained with her blood down the middle.



Bungee cord, used to tie Nixzmary's foot to the chair.



Cesar's belt that Nixzmary was beaten with.



Duct tape used to bind Nixzmary to the chair. Cesar would also duct tape her mouth.



Litterbox Nixzmary forced to use.



Crime scene photo of bathtub where Nixzmary's head was bashed in. There are suds in the tub.

This is a crimescene photo of the bathtub. There are still suds in the tub. The prosecution claimed that the
suds were from Nixzaliz trying to clean up Nixzmary's blood. The defense points out that there was a red
bucket of water found outside of the bathroom in the hallway. Water from the bucket was tested for the
presence of blood. No blood residue was found in the water. Hair strands were also found in the tub.



Nixzmary's blood stain on the floor.



Nixzmary's blood stains on Cesar's jeans. Her blood found 7 different places on his jeans.



The chair that Nixzmary was tied to for hours everyday, the litterbox she was forced to use & bungee
cord used to bind her foot to the chair.



Nixzmary's belt, pillow w/ blood, litterbox, twine, duct tape.



Mug, the defense claimed "Nixzmary" bought for Cesar.



Miscarried fetus that Nixzaliz put in the jar.



Map of the apartment.


Cesar Rodriguez biography



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