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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Poisoner - "Voracious appetite for inflicting abuse"
Number of victims: 3 - 23
Date of murders: 1985 - 1990
Date of birth: 1958
Victims profile: Men and women (elderly rest home patients)
Method of murder: Drug overdoses (Demerol)
Location: Pinellas County, Florida, USA
Status: Sentenced to three concurrent life terms in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years on April 9, 1992

In 1992, a mercy-killing case stunned the nation when Brian K. Rosenfeld pleaded guilty to murdering three elderly patients with drug overdoses. Rosenfeld, who allegedly admitted killing 23 patients, was sentenced to life in prison in Florida. A boast by Rosenfeld led to the exhumation of five drugged bodies.


Nurse Pleads Guilty to Killing Three Patients

The New York Times

Friday, April 10, 1992

A nurse who the authorities say had acknowledged killing 23 patients at various nursing homes pleaded guilty today to murdering three of them with drug overdoses.

Under a plea agreement reached with prosecutors, the 34-year-old nurse, Brian K. Rosenfeld of St. Petersburg, was sentenced to three concurrent life terms in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

In imposing sentence, Judge Claire K. Luten of Pinellas County Circuit Court ordered that if Mr. Rosenfeld should ever win release from prison, he never again be allowed to work at a nursing home.

Mr. Rosenfeld was arrested two years ago as a suspect in a series of nursing-home deaths and had been held without bond ever since. The authorities say he told a cellmate of killing 23 patients and gave the names of some.

Although motive was not discussed in court today, prosecutors viewed the killings as a result of a voracious appetite for inflicting abuse. From 1985 to 1990, Mr. Rosenfeld was dismissed from 14 nursing homes, and some of his employers said later that they had received complaints about his mistreatment of patients.


Brian Rosenfeld

My name is Brian Rosenfeld. I have been in prison for 19 years. I am in prison because I am guilty of murder. I have no one to blame – I freely confessed t my wrong doing after committing those murders. I did not waste court, lawyers, family or loved ones time or money. I was guilty. I knew what I did and thought I knew why. But I was mistaken. It had very little in reality to do with the sufferings of my patients but all to do with me. My acts were cruel – my objectivity was impaired. I was functioning “under the influence” (I diverted pain medication for myself – taking away from the patients that needed and depended on my care the most).

I committed three murders. All three patients were in need of care. Two were gravely ill. One was slowly recuperating (but I “saw” what his illness was doing to his wife). I don’t glorify my crimes. I pray daily for their souls and loved ones. I believed (and at times was told), I was a good nurse. I have a heart. I care about people. Unfortunately, I got lost along the way. I am unable to nurse ever again. I willingly relinquished my license while pending trial (they re-issued me a new license while in the county jail).

I am willing to answer your questions regarding what happened, reveal myself and my personality – discuss “nursing” in general and if you desire develop a friendship through correspondence. I am not looking for assistance in obtaining any legal help to gain early release or parole. My job performances, security ratings and future risk to society issues will speak for themselves. I am hopeful. I asked to come to prison. I was afraid of maybe getting the death penalty. I asked the “state” to make a “deal” with me for my crimes. I wouldn’t waste lawyer or court fees trying to fight a case I was 100% guilty of. The “state” readily accepted my request and I agreed to 3 concurrent (“running together”) mandatory 25 years to life imprisonment sentence. I am eligible for parole consideration. My review is in March, 2014.

While I believe God honors a “seeking heart” I firmly remain hopeful to someday return to the “free world” society where I will be able to go into the county jail to bring light into a dark place. I one day hope to serve at a homeless shelter or mission in a volunteer capacity. Perhaps even go into nursing homes and help the elderly; the same type people I once abused. I am 50 years old. I am the third of nine children born into a poverty stricken, dysfunctional family. While we share a love in our hearts for each other we are shattered and have little to no connect with each other. They simply are unequipped emotionally to handle my incarceration.

I am a homosexual by orientation. I am not active in prison for many reasons. I had 1 past relationship that lasted 10 years before his death in 1988 from hepatic failure. I did not kill him.

I have never attempted to obtain friends to correspond with in the free world. I have witnessed while in prison how many other inmates sought friendships and correspondences with the outside world only to become befriended by someone willing to be there and help and then abuse them seeking money or sexual fantasy letters. I don’t want to partake in that. Despite my strong belief in God (I practice Catholic Christianity) I am not a fanatic or in religious life. I just have a good relationship with the Lord and depend on Him. His timing is always right.

I can surely use the blessing of a friend. I can offer you correspondence that is honest and open. I can and will discuss my “crime,” answer any questions you may have regarding my experience in nursing or the criminal justice system. I’ve been through a lot – each day is a challenge. I don’t complain and whine. Each day I attempt to make a difference in this dark world. My association with my fellow inmates is selective; very few. I witness so much evil that I attempt to keep away from it so I’m not hurt. I have a love for people – even people in here yet I must sometimes just “pray and be a silent witness for Christ”. Anything you’d like to know simply ask the question. I will answer it truthfully from experience.

Please remember: I am not searching for legal help to “fight” my case or gain parole. I a trying to reach out, educate people to the realities of the criminal justice system, and help other people not make the same mistakes I’ve made.

There are no other cases pending nor were there any other murders.

If you would like to correspond or simply ask a question, please feel free to do so. Presently I am housed at:

Dc#230172 G-3-110l
Columbia Corrections Way
Lake City, Florida, 32025-2013



MO: Nurse who murdered elderly rest home patients.

DISPOSITION: Three life terms with 25 years minimum, 1992.




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