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James Michael ROSZKO






The Mayerthorpe Incident
Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Canada's deadliest police shooting in 120 years - Marijuana grow-op
Number of victims: 4
Date of murders: March 3, 2005
Date of birth: 1959?
Victims profile: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constables Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon, Lionide Johnston, and Brock Myrol
Method of murder: Shooting (Heckler & Koch 91, a civilian version of a military battle rifle)
Location: Rochfort Bridge, Alberta, Canada
Status: Committed suicide by shooting himself the same day

RCMP officers killed in Rochfort Bridge

Four RCMP officers were shot and killed during a raid on an Alberta farm. Three of the Mounties were from the detachment in Mayerthorpe, Alta., and one from nearby Whitecourt.


Const. Brock Myrol

Myrol, 29, had been on the job less than three weeks when he was shot and killed. Days after graduating from the RCMP training academy in Regina, Myrol began his work in Mayerthorpe, Alta.

According to a profile in the Mayerthorpe Freelancer newspaper, Myrol decided to become an RCMP officer three years ago. He had worked as a security guard and studied towards an undergraduate arts degree from Red Deer College.

"I wanted the opportunity to work with people and be able to make a difference," Myrol told the Freelancer.

Myrol was born in Outlook, Sask. and raised in Red Deer, Alta. He came from a family that loved music. He sang, composed music and played guitar.

His mother, Colleen Myrol, said her son was a responsible citizen who wanted to make a difference. "Canadians are wonderful, loving, caring people," she said. "Brock knew that and dedicated his life to preserving that tradition."

Myrol had a black belt in karate and became engaged to his girlfriend, Anjila, on Christmas Day.


Const. Lionide (Leo) Johnston

Johnston, 33, was from Owl River, Alta. He joined the RCMP about four years ago with his twin brother, Lee. Both were ace marksmen and received their Crown Pistols and Crown Rifles badges last year. Both liked to race motorcycles.

In 1997, Johnston was in a motorcycle accident while racing at Calgary's Race City Motorsport Park, and spent a week in a coma. He recovered and later joined the Mounties in 2001.

He was posted to Mayerthorpe in the spring of 2001. He had a special connection with the Alexis First Nations Reserve near Mayerthorpe. Johnston had been married to his wife Kelly less than six months when he was killed.


Const. Peter Schiemann

Schiemann, 25, was a member of the Mayerthorpe detachment of the RCMP.

He was born at Petrolia, Ont. He earned a bachelor of arts degree, loved to sky dive and fell in love with the RCMP after he went on ride-alongs with members. He decided while he was a university student that he wanted to do police work. He did a number of jobs to put himself through school. One of these jobs was washing police cars. This job, according to his family, sparked his interest in becoming an officer. He joined the force at Stony Plain, Alta.

Upon completion of training at "Depot" in Regina, Saskatchewan, on November 27, 2000, Schiemann was posted to "K" Division, Alberta, at the Mayerthorpe Detachment, where he worked in General Policing and Highway Patrol.

Schiemann told his father Don, a prominent Lutheran minister in Stony Plain, that if he was ever killed while on duty: "I'll be with Jesus in Heaven." Faith was important to him, having been raised in the Lutheran Church.


Const. Anthony Gordon

Gordon, 28, was a member of the Whitecourt detachment of the RCMP.

He was born at Edmonton, Alta., raised in Red Deer, Alta., and joined the force there. He told a local newspaper in Whitecourt that the seed to be a Mountie was planted in Grade 1 when a member of the force visited his school. "It got my wheels spinning, and that was my goal ever since," he said.

Gordon loved the outdoors and he loved to fish and snowmobile.

Upon completion of training at "Depot" in Regina, Saskatchewan, on October 15, 2002, Gordon was posted to "K" Division, Alberta, at the Whitecourt Town Detachment, where he worked in General Policing and Highway Patrol.

Gordon was married and had a small son. His wife, Kim, a nurse, is pregnant with their second child.



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