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Mark Errin RUST





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: April 12, 1999 / August 3, 2001
Date of arrest: September 2001
Date of birth: 1965
Victims profile: Maya Jakic (Croatian immigrant) / Megumi Suzuki, 16 (Japanese schoolgirl)
Method of murder: ???
Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Status: Sentenced to life in prison without parole in April 2004

Name: Mark Errin Rust

Age: 40 yrs

Sentence: Sentenced April 2004 in the SA Supreme Court to life in jail without parole. "Classified as unable to control his sexual urges".

Offence/Other: REPEAT OFFENDER. Pleaded guilty in May 2003 in the Adelaide Supreme Court to the murders of Megumi Suzuki (2001) and Maya Jakic (1999). Has prior sex offences dating back to 1983. Also pleaded guilty to assaulting another woman and committing an act of gross indecency on the same night that Megumi was abducted and killed. Also pleaded guilty to raping a woman at Rose Park in August 2001. A friend of miss Jakic's said in relation to the sentencing-"We all know what he has done, what he is capable of doing again, so why give him a chance."


Inside The Sick Mind Of A Double Murderer

Sean Fewster - Adelaide Advertiser

May 1, 2004

MARK Errin Rust was just 13 when he started following pretty girls, all the while fantasising about having sex with them.

Later, he found gratification in exposing himself, thrilled by the horrified reactions of his victims.

His sexual urges increased in intensity and frequency - as did his hatred for women, caused by a series of failed relationships and his own poor health.

Rust's every move became frustrated by Kleinfelter's Syndrome, which left him infertile and frustrated his heightened predatory desires. That frustration finally culminated in murder and rape.

Earlier this week, Supreme Court Justice Margaret Nyland jailed the 39-year-old for life without parole for the brutal murders of Croatian immigrant Maya Jakioc and Japanese schoolgirl Megumi Suzuki.

Yesterday, Justice Nyland imposed a concurrent 12-year term for the crimes he committed in and around those murders - and again denied him parole.

The sentences bring to an end three decades of deviance, violence and uncontrollable sexual urges - as revealed by two psychiatric reports tendered to the court.

The reports are based on sessions Rust had with Royal Adelaide Hospital experts Dr Narain Nambiar and Dr Ken O'Brien after his 2001 arrest - one of the few times the killer has been examined in his life.

Dr Nambiar says Rust "exhibited very abnormal behaviour from a very early age". "During his early teens, he first exposed himself to a woman and found this so much more gratifying than masturbation in private," Dr Nambiar says.

"He told me that it was more thrilling to masturbate in front of a pretty woman, mainly due to the reaction it would provoke for his victim."

Rust was charged no less than seven times with indecency offences - but was only fined, never convicted.

His normal sex life, meanwhile, was dysfunctional.

One of his two marriages involved "fighting fits" before having sex. "This often made him angry and frustrated ... although he had the urge to have sex, he often found it difficult to (perform)," he says.

Dr O'Brien says that, in 1992, Rust was diagnosed with Kleinfelter's Syndrome - he has an additional X chromosome, shrunken testicles and fertility problems.

In June 1993, he went to jail for lighting a $642,000 fire at Kensington.

On April 12, 1999 - two months after his second marriage disintegrated - Rust attacked and murdered Maya Jakic at Payneham. He later told Dr O'Brien that Ms Jakic had refused his offers of a lift and "some fun".

"He grabbed her mouth with his hand and choked her... I asked him why he did this, to which he replied 'at the time it was a thrill'," Dr O'Brien says. "He told me (he wantedl to have sex with her, but he decided to kill her at the last moment."

Her body was found six days later, after Rust made an anonymous call to 000.

He was jailed again in late 1999 for trespassing, and was released on parole on July 23, 2001. Ten days later, he returned to his old ways - grabbing a woman at a Cumberland Park ATM and masturbating in front of her until she fled.

"It would appear that the more confidence Rust had developed with regard to his ability to fulfil his sexual urges, the more serious his offending has become," Dr Nambiar says. "What is also very significant is that there appears to have been an escalation in the nature of offending... culminating in murder and rape."

On August 3, 2001, he murdered Megumi Suzuki at Westbourne Park, wrapping her body in plastic and dumping it in a rubbish bin.

She was eventually found in December, 2001, under 10,000 tonnes of rubbish at Wingfield. "Rust told me that (murder) was 'different'," Dr O'Brien says.

"When I asked him why he killed her, he replied 'because I did'."

As police frantically searched for Ms Suzuki, Rust struck again - on August 16, 2001, he cut the power to a Kensington Rd office building, broke in and raped the lone female occupant. Although armed with a knife, Rust did not harm her further - he ran away and she saw part of his car's registration number, this leading to his arrest.

Rust later confessed his crimes to a fellow prison inmate, and was found to have Ms Suzuki's CD player in his cell.

The double-murderer is now "disgusted" by his actions, but both doctors say the murderer seems "fairly shallow" and shows "what appears to be a lack of remorse". "Rust conceded that if he had not been apprehended, his problems would have continued and even maybe more killings (would have occurred)," Dr O'Brien said.

"In view of the murders that he has committed, and taking into account the acknowledged aggressive rape fantasies, it is my opinion that Rust is an extremely dangerous individual with... a high probability that he would re-offend in a similar manner should he be released from custody at this time."


Court Hears How Killer Left Mothers In Torment

Sean Fewster - Adelaide Advertiser


ALTHOUGH buried in her native Japan, a reminder of the short life of Megumi Suzuki endures in Adelaide.

The tranquillity of her memorial plaque, in Centennial Park Cemetery, contrasts is with the horror of her death and where her body was found, under 10,000 tonnes of garbage at Wingfleld dump in August, 2001.

In a statement read to the Supreme Court yesterday Megumi's mother, Masako, told how the dump - and the actions of sexual predator Mark Erin Rust - continue to torment her.

"I still don't know now to accept my daughter's death. It makes me insane when I think of her being treated like rubbish and dumped with rubbish for months," Mrs Suzuki said.

"She was my dream and my hopes, now my heart fills with anger and bitterness. Megumi wanted to be a counsellor to international students .. - why should someone who only wanted to help, be killed?"

Half a world away, another mother, Jagoda Jelic, suffers the same pain and grief at the hands of the same man.

Her daughter, Maya Jakic, was also murdered by Rust and her body also dumped, this time in bushes near the Payneham police station in April 1999.

In her statement. Ms Jelic said she had since buried Maya near her home in Croatia.

"Why would anyone want to kill Maya and cover her with branches, thinking no one would find her and he could cover his dirty crime?" Ms Jelic said. "My whole world and future was in Maya ... my life now is going to the cemetery every day, no matter if it is rain, sun or snow."

Rust, 38, of Gilles Plains, is serving two concurrent life sentences after pleading guilty to both murders.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of rape, one count of assault and to committing an act of gross indecency on August 2 2001, one day before Megumi Suzuki's murder.

Mrs Suzuki and Ms Jelic's statements were read to Justice Margaret Nyland to help determine Rust's non-parole period.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions wants Rust - who has a criminal history that includes 11 incidents of indecent behaviour and gross indecency - declared incapable of controlling his sexual urges.

If declared, Rust would be held after his sentence until deemed by psychiatrists to be "fit" to re-enter society.

Rust sat quietly through the hearing, listening intently to and staring at Eda Gregov, who read Ms Jelic's statement, and Fusae Simpson, who read Mrs Suzuki's. Ms Simpson told Rust that he had "left eternal scars on the hearts" of the families.

"The Suzukis are good people and they have no unkind words to say about you, but I am sure they are badly hurt inside and will never forgive you," she said.

"You have given so much pain to such an innocent and wonderful family."

Ms Gregov told Rust her life- long friend, Ms Jelic, was a shell of her former self.

"I can only say to you that you have not only killed and taken the life of Maya, you have also completely destroyed the life of her family," she said.

Justice Nyland will hear more submissions next month.


Mark Errin Rust



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