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George RIVAS



George Rivas



George Rivas



Prison inmates Joseph Garcia, Randy Halprin, Larry Harper, Patrick Murphy Jr., Donald Newbury,
George Rivas, and Michael Rodriguez, in these undated Texas prison handout photos,
escaped Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2000, from the prison near Kenedy, Texas.



The Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas, was the scene of the December 2000 breakout by the seven inmates.
(Photo: Eric Gay/The Associated Press)



George Rivas, one of the Texas Seven. was escorted into the Lew Sterrett Justice Center
in Dallas on Feb. 1, 2001, after his transfer from Colorado.
(Photo: Andy Scott/



George Rivas



In this Jan. 25, 2001, photo, George Rivas is lead from the elevator to the courtroom on the second floor
of the Teller County Courthouse in Cripple Creek, Colo.

On Dec. 13, 2000, Rivas's gang overpowered workers at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Connally Unit prison in Kenedy and stole the workers' clothes, broke into the prison's armory to get
guns, and drove away in a prison truck.

They committed several robberies, including two in Houston, and then 11 days later, gunned down
Aubrewy Hawkins, 27.
(Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, C. Somodevilla / AP)



George Rivas listened to the charges read against him in court on June 25, 2001.
(Richard Michael Pruitt/



George Rivas (center) listened to the charges read against him with his lawyers William E. "Karo"
Johnson (left) and Wayne Huff beside on June 25, 2001.
(Richard Michael Pruitt/



George Rivas



In this Nov. 19, 2003, photo, George Rivas, is sworn in at the trial of Patrick Murphy Jr. in Dallas.
(Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ian McVea / AP)



George Rivas



George Rivas speaks about his part in the crime rampage by the Texas Seven from death row
in the Allan Polunsky Unit prison in Livingston, Texas. Feb. 15, 2012
(Photo: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Ron T. Ennis / AP)


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