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Amardeep SADA






"India’s youngest serial killer"
Classification: Homicide
Characteristics: Juvenile (8)
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: 2006 - 2007
Date of arrest: May 30, 2007
Date of birth: 1998
Victims profile: His six-month-old cousin, the daughter of a maternal uncle / His eight-month-old sister / Six-month-old girl, Kushboo, the neighbour’s daughter
Method of murder: Strangulation - Beating with a brick
Location: Begusaray, Bihar, India
Status: Unknown

'Serial killer', 8, charged with three murders

By Peter Foster in New Delhi - The Telegraph

January 6, 2007

An eight-year-old boy was being described as "India’s youngest serial killer" after he was charged with the murder of three children, including his sister, who were all less than one year old.

Armadeep Sada, the son of an impoverished Indian couple, was produced in court today accused of the murder of a six-month-old girl, Kushboo, who he is alleged to have abducted last Tuesday and two other children.

Kushboo’s mother, Chunchun Devi, said she had left her daughter to sleep at her village primary school while she attended to household chores and returned to find she had disappeared.

When villagers confronted Sada he is alleged to have confessed to the murder, leading them to the place where he had attempted to conceal the body in a shallow grave, local reports said.

After his arrest police said the boy had then confessed to the murder of his eight-month-old sister three months ago and his six-month-old cousin, the daughter of a maternal uncle, almost a year ago.

Superintendent Amit Lodha, from the town of Begusarai, 90 miles east of the Bihari capital, Patna, said the boy appeared to be a psychiatric case and was now being evaluated by professionals.

An uncle of Sada’s told local media that the earlier two killings had been known to the family and some villagers, but had not been reported since it was considered a "family matter".

Inspector Shatrudhan Kumar of Bihar police said that all the killings had been carried out in identical manner.

“He said he took the children to the fields and hit them with a stone and killed them. He has been charged with murder” he added.

Asked about the boy’s mental condition, police said that when questioned, Sada “just smiled a lot and asked for biscuits.”


Eight-year-old 'serial killer' held after third murder

The Times of India

June 1, 2007

BEGUSARAI: Eight-year-old Amardeep Sada only smiles at the policemen every time they ask him why he so brutally strangled six-month-old Khushboo on Tuesday. Police say Amardeep is a serial killer; he had earlier strangled to death his sister and cousin.

Amardeep's uncle admitted before mediapersons on Thursday the boy killed his six-month-old sister a few months ago and a cousin at his maternal uncle's place a year ago.

The earlier two killings went unreported. However, Amardeep's crime could not be pushed under the carpet this time since his latest victim was not a family member but lived in his neighbourhood in Musahari village under the Bhagwanpur police station.

Khushboo was sleeping alone in the village primary school while her mother Chunchun Devi was busy with chores at her house nearby when Amardeep strangled the infant and hit her with a brick before attempting to bury the body in the nearby field.

The boy later led the villagers to the spot and told them the gory tale of how he executed the killing.

Bhagwanpur police station officer incharge Shatrughan Kumar said the boy spoke little but smiled a lot. Patna-based psychoanalyst Shamshad Hussain said the boy prima facie appears to be a sadist who derives pleasure from inflicting injuries. A former professor of psychology in Patna University, meanwhile, said the boy does not have a sense of right or wrong.


Serial killer taint on eight-year-old

May 31, 2007

IN/Bihar - He is just eight years old, but his neighbours claim that he has already claimed three lives.

At his village, residents have started calling him a “mini” serial-killer. While police remain bewildered to the reason, medical experts call Samarjit’s (name changed) need a “conduct disorder”.

Samarjit (8), a resident of Bhagwanpur in Begusarai, 150 km from here, yesterday “killed” a year old girl Khushi, the neighbour’s daughter, by smashing her face with a brick.

The boy, son of a labourer at Manavpur in Musahri village reportedly had also killed his one-year-old cousin brother and his six-month-old sister in a similar fashion previously. There is, however, no official confirmation of the first two “killings”.

Bhagwalpur police station officer in-charge Shatrughna Prasad confirmed that Samarjit killed the baby while playing.

The boy allegedly told the police: “Khapda se mar mar ke suta deliyay (I killed by beating her with a brick).”

The police arrested the boy and sent him to a Begusarai remand home.

According to the police sources, the boy took the girl from her mother’s lap and went to a nearby field. There he laid the baby on grass and started smashing her face repeatedly.

As there was no one around, her cries could not be heard.

When she died, Samarjit covered the body with grass and leaves, and came back to his house.

Late in the evening her relatives found the baby dead.

It was then that the residents of the village summoned the police and handed the boy over to them. The boy’s parents fled the village before the police came.

While speaking to the police the residents admitted that they were “extra careful” around Samarjit, especially after he had “killed his sister and cousin”.

They added that Khushi’s mother paid a heavy price for letting down her guard, even for a brief while.

Begusarai superintendent of police Amit Lodha said: “After completing the preliminary formalities we have handed the matter to the court. We will hear from the court, who will be responsible for providing medical assistance to the accused.”

Lodha added, “We will also request the court to provide a separate ward for this boy so that he does not harm other juvenile delinquents staying at Begusarai remand home.”

He, however, stressed that the police, as yet, had no confirmation of the two previous killings that the villagers have accused the boy of.

Medical experts’ opinions state that the boy might be suffering from what is known as “conduct disorder”, a mental state wherein a patient feels a sense of gratification after inflicting injuries on others.

Nand Kumar, a psychotherapist with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, said: “Such cases need immediate medical intervention. Doctors need to address the chemical imbalance in patients’ brains.”

Kumar added that while such cases are not rare, the intensity of Samarjit’s action was a “dangerous” symptom.

“Such aggression may be hereditary and may be caused because of great chemical upheavals in the brain."



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