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Michael SAMS





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Kidnapping - Extortion - Rape
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: July 10, 1991
Date of birth: August 11, 1941
Victim profile: Julie Dart (prostitute)
Method of murder: Hitting with a hammer - Strangulation
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in 1992

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Michael Sams (born August 11, 1941) is an English rapist, kidnapper and extortionist murderer who kidnapped Julie Dart on July 9, 1991 and Stephanie Slater on January 22, 1992.

In 1992, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Full Sutton Prison. He is known to be serving four life sentences. His minimum term has never been made public, though he is still behind bars 16 years after his arrest.

Since going to prison he has continued to offend, attacking a female probation officer with a metal spike. He received an addition of eight years to his term for this act.

In addition he has won 4,000 (approx. $USD 7,867) damages when the prison service lost his artificial leg when moving him from one prison to another. He is one of several convicted kidnappers and murderers whose name has been mentioned in connection with the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh, who vanished from London in July 1986 and is believed to have been murdered.

He also attempted to sue Slater for libel claiming that he never raped her. He has also brought a civil case because he thinks that his prison bed is too hard.

Sams made the news again in April 2007 when, in a letter to Inside Time, he claimed that "OAPs in prison are far better off than those in the community."

Sams was a competitive middle distance runner before contracting the disease that caused him to lose his leg.

Several years before killing Julie Dart and abducting Stephanie Slater, Sams had been found guilty of car theft.


Michael Sams

Round about 4th July 1991 eighteen year old Julie Dart, who was working as a prostitute in the Chapeltown area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, vanished without trace. On Friday 12th Julie's boyfriend received a peculiar letter from her. He took it to Julie's mother Lynn. The letter stated that she, Julie, had been kidnapped. A ransom was demanded, and the Police, under Detective Superintendent Bob Taylor, were brought in. However, on 19th July 1991, Julie Dart's body was discovered in a field in Lincolnshire. She had received three blows to the back of her head and strangled.

On Wednesday 22nd January 1992 Stephanie Slater, who worked for Shipways Estate Agents in Birmingham, disappeared while she was showing a prospective client, who called himself "Mr. Southwell", around a house in the Great Barr area of Birmingham. Ransom letters soon confirmed that Stephanie had been kidnapped by the same person who had murdered Julie Dart.

For the next week Stephanie was kept against her will - locked inside a wheelie bin every night - and her kidnapper raped her. His ransom demand of 175000 was agreed by the police, as was his demand that the money should be dropped off by a work colleague of Staphanie, Kevin Watts, on Friday 31st January. Plans were put into place to track Mr. Watts, but they went awry, and the kidnapper escaped, undetected, with the money. He did, however, keep his promise - and he drove Stephanie back to her home that very evening.

Once Stephanie's release had been ensured, the police set out to capture her kidnapper. They played a recording of his voice, taken from a telephone conversation, on the February edition of Crimewatch UK three weeks later. It was heard by Susan Oake, who telephoned giving details of her ex-husband, Michael Sams. Sams was traced to his workshop in Newark, Nottinghamshire - the place where both Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater had been held captive - and arrested. He was jailed for life in 1993.

Is it possible that Michael Sams was the Mr Kipper who was thought to be behind the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh, also an estate agent, in 1986?


In 2003 Bob Taylor hosted a kind of Reality TV programme entitled The Murder Game. In one episode, broadcast on Saturday 12th April 2003, my sister Anita made an appearance: she was doing her job - working in a chemists in Witham High Street.


Sams receives further 8 years for cell attack

By Nigel Bunyan - Friday 14 February 1997

THE killer Michael Sams was cleared of attempting to murder a probation officer yesterday but jailed for a further eight years for holding her hostage with a metal spike in his prison cell.

Sams, already serving four life sentences for murdering Julie Dart, a prostitute, and abducting the estate agent Stephanie Slater, was convicted of holding Julie Flack after a four-day trial at Durham Crown Court. Sams, 55, who conducted his own defence, was cleared of trying to murder Mrs Flack, 50, the wife of the Rt Rev John Flack, Bishop of Huntingdon, who was attacked as she held a surgery at Wakefield Prison, South Yorks, on Oct 23, 1995.

Mr Justice Morland told Sams: "Although I accept that you never intended to harm her, you threatened to kill her unless she did as you said and you armed yourself with a metal object, sharpening it to terrorise her. You also had tape to bind her. She was petrified, traumatised and in a state of shock."

The jurors were told only at the end of the trial that Sams was already serving four life sentences. Julie Dart, a prostitute from Leeds, was struck repeatedly with a hammer and then strangled on July 10, 1991. Miss Slater, his second victim, was held for eight days in a coffin-like box while Sams, who seized her after posing as a prospective house-buyer, demanded a 175,000 ransom.

Sams spent this week's trial handcuffed and flanked by four prison officers. Afterwards, Mrs Flack spoke of her relief that the case was over. Looking strained but composed, she said: "This week has been a considerable ordeal, but nevertheless it was important for me, as part of my own recovery process, to be part of it. Although he is already serving a life sentence, it was right that he was prosecuted for an attack which did threaten my life. His conviction gives a message to anybody working in prisons that the law will uphold the right not to face intimidation or assault from violent prisoners."

Mrs Flack said that, although she would be prepared to return to working in a prison, "that is not up for discussion at the moment". During the trial she recalled how Sams had lunged at her within moments of warning her: "Touch that alarm button and you're dead."

Sams said that his intention had merely been to shock Mrs Flack. "I had said the same thing to Stephanie Slater," he told police. "I threatened her with a knife and she froze and did everything I told her. She might have said in her book that she struggled, but she never."

He had carried out the attack on Mrs Flack partly to focus attention on his claim that the Prison Service had prevented him from suing Miss Slater for accusing him of raping her. He was also angry about a refusal to let him sell his paintings for charity. Mr Justice Morland said he acknowledged that Sams had "genuine grievances" against the Prison Service.

After the case, Det Supt Bob Taylor said of Sams: "Sometimes what he does is for fame. During the latest incident the Rose West trial was on, and I suspect he didn't like being knocked off the front page. He has nothing to lose by playing his games - he's got nothing else to amuse him."



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