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Eldon Michael SCHURZ





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: December 2, 1989
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: August 8, 1963
Victim profile: Jonathan Art Bahe
Method of murder: Doused the victim with gasoline and set on fire
Location: Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on September 21, 1990

The United States District Court
For the District of Arizona

opinion CV-97-580-PHX-EHC

Date of Birth: August 8, 1963
Defendant: American Indian
Victim: American Indian

On December 2, 1989, codefendants Eldon Michael Schurz; and Patrick Delmar Allison attempted to rob Jonathan Art Babe of money and liquor at the City Center Motel, located at 600 West Van Buren.

Mr. Babe resisted, so Schurz struck the victim several times about the face and head with his fist. Following the fight, Schutz found a quantity of gasoline and doused the victim with it. Schutz then made a trail of gasoline away from the victim and lit it with a cigarette lighter. This caused the victim to be set ablaze and subsequently die.

Schurz and Allison fled the area and were arrested a few hours later. Allison testified against Schurz; pursuant to a plea agreement.

In addition to the death sentence, the trial court sentenced Schurz to 12 years for an attempted aggravated robbery enhanced by two prior felony convictions.


    Presiding Judge: John H. Seidel
    Prosecutor:  Noel Levy
    Start of Trial: June 6, 1990
    Verdict: June 11, 1990
    Sentencing: September 21, 1990

Aggravating Circumstances:

    Especially heinous/cruel/depraved

Mitigating Circumstances:

    None sufficient to call for leniency


    State v. Schurz, 176 Ariz. 46, 859 P.2d 156 (1993).



Eldon Michael Schurz



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