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William Chandler SHRUBSALL






A.K.A.: "Ian Thor Greene"
New name: Simon Templar
Classification: Homicide
Characteristics: Juvenile (17) - Sexual predator
Number of victims: 1 +
Date of murder: June 25, 1988
Date of birth: 1971
Victim profile: His 56-year-old mother, Marianne
Method of murder: Beating with a baseball bat
Location: New York, USA / Nova Scotia, Canada
Status: Convicted of manslaughter in New York, USA, in 1988. Served 16 months. Sentenced to life in prison in Nova Scotia, Canada, being declared a dangerous offender in 2001

William Chandler Shrubsall, also known as Ian Thor Greene and now Simon Templar (Ethan Simon Templar MacLeod), is an inmate currently serving a life sentence, being declared a dangerous offender for a string of violent assaults against women.

Early crimes

Shrubsall was originally from Niagara Falls, New York. He was convicted of killing his mother with a baseball bat in 1988 the night before his high school graduation. Apparently, he had a disagreement with his mother, a domineering woman, over his having a girlfriend.

His then-girlfriend and Detective John Donner expressed concern about Shrubsall's lack of remorse when he confessed to police. He served 16 months for that crime, as he was still a minor, and afterwards supposedly graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994, transferring there from two years at Niagara University. While at Penn, he lived in a single room in Stouffer College House for two years without any incidents.

In 1996, after returning home to upstate New York, Shrubsall was on trial for sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl and jumped bail, leaving a suicide note claiming to have jumped into Niagara Falls. In reality, he fled the U.S. to Canada. He was later convicted of sexual abuse in absentia.

Life as a fugitive

Shrubsall showed up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, using the alias "Ian Thor Greene". At a frat house, many students believed that he was a medical student. Saying that he had financial difficulties, he managed to con a local congregation into providing him with money. During one evening with a student, when she tried to call a taxi to go home, he punched and choked her.

He had been previously arrested by police for picking up an undercover officer posing as a prostitute (he used the name Ian Thor Greene). He was not properly identified by the police.

Detectives searching his room discovered that he had the identification of two previous victims that he attacked, and this was confirmed by witnesses. These were for aggravated sexual assault and one in May 1998 for robbing and assaulting a female store clerk with a baseball bat; the first case was unsolved, while another man, Danny Myette (who suffered from schizophrenia) confessed to the crime, respectively.


Interrogators also questioned Shrubsall's stories and found no records to support them, realizing that Greene was an alias, but he refused to divulge further details. The authorities released his photo and the New York State Police immediately identified him as the missing fugitive.

A forensic psychiatrist diagnosed Shrubsall as a psychopath, saying that he separated women into two categories: "angels" and those that he would assault. The Crown, assisted by his former victims who had flown in to testify, had him declared a dangerous offender, giving him no possibility of parole.

While serving his life sentence, Shrubsall applied to have his name changed to "Simon Templar" after the popular TV character.


Sexual predator declared dangerous offender

December 21, 2001

William Chandler Shrubsall has been declared a dangerous offender by the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, meaning he will spend an indefinite period in prison.

The court handed Shrubsall his sentence for crimes against three women in Nova Scotia.

Shrubsall has a long history of violent sexual deviance. He killed his mother with a bat when he was a teenager in Niagara Falls, New York. He later faked his own death to dodge a U.S. sentence for sexual assault.

Shrubsall was impassive as Justice Felix Cacchione read his decision. He sat quietly between two bailiffs, his shoulders slightly hunched under a navy blue blazer.

The judge called Shrubsall "an extremely violent sexual deviant," lacking in conscience and empathy for his victims. He said hope for successful treatment was speculative at best.

Cacchione spoke directly to Shrubsall's victims, saying an indefinite prison term was the best protection the courts could offer.

Prosecutor Rob Fetterly said he was satisfied with the ruling. "I'm really pleased that the judge has condemned in the strongest terms the actions of Mr. Shrubsall, and I think that's appreciated by all involved."

As a dangerous offender, Shrubsall's sentence will face regular reviews. But odds are slim he'll ever be released. Only 12 of Canada's nearly 300 dangerous offenders have ever been let out of jail.

If Shrubsall were to ever leave Canada's corrections system, he'll quickly find himself back behind bars. He still faces a sentence for the assault he committed in New York, before he fled to Nova Scotia.


William Shrubsall found guilty

November 17, 2000

An American fugitive was found guilty Thursday of a brutal sexual assault in Halifax.

A judge has convicted William Chandler Shrubsall of attacking a woman two years ago.

Shrubsall sat impassively as Associate Chief Justice Michael MacDonald delivered the verdict.

During the trial, Shrubsall testified that he overreacted when the woman slipped a tie around his neck during a massage. He later said he had planned to call ambulance when he realized the woman was unconscious.

The woman testified she had decided to call a taxi after spending the evening with Shrubsall. She said he punched and choked her when she tried to go home.

Justice MacDonald said he found nothing in any of the evidence presented to raise any doubts about the woman's evidence.

As for Shrubsall's testimony, MacDonald said it defied any type of belief or comprehension.

Shrubsall already has three other convictions in Halifax, one for stalking an ex-girlfriend, one for aggravated sexual assault and one for robbing and assaulting a female store clerk.

He'll be in court on Feb. 4 when the Crown applies to have him declared a dangerous offender.

He also has convictions in the United States for sexual assault and beating his mother to death with a baseball bat.


Valedictorian Held in Killing of Mother With Baseball Bat

Los Angeles Times

June 28, 1988

NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. A valedictorian who allegedly killed his mother with a baseball bat only 10 hours before he was to be graduated from high school said she wouldn't "give him any freedom," police said.

William Shrubsall, 17, was arraigned Monday on a charge of second-degree murder and was being held in the city jail without bail.

Shrubsall beat his 56-year-old mother, Marianne, to death Saturday morning after an argument over his late return from his girlfriend's house, Detective Lt. Richard Clute said.



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