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Charles Oliver SHULER



Charles Shuler



Charles Shuler takes the stand to speak on his own behalf before Fifth Circuit Court Judge Lee
Casey Manning during his post-conviction relief hearing in 2006 at the Orangeburg County
Courthouse. Shuler received three death sentences in his 2001 trial.
(Van Hope/T&D Files



Witness Edward "Buster" Williams III, takes the stand to clarify that Charles Shuler used the butt
of a shotgun, not an axe, in his possession to break into the home of Linda Williams on the
evening Shuler shot to death Linda Williams, 38, her mother Dorothy "Dot" Gates, 63, and
 her 13-year-old daughter Stacy Williams in 1999.

(Van Hope/T&D Files)



Edward L. "Buster" Williams Jr., was left with only memories of the family
he says he thinks of "all day, every day."
(Christopher Huff/T&D



Solicitor Walter Bailey wields the murder weapon of convicted triple murderer Charles Shuler
during court proceedings March 2001 in Orangeburg County. The Shuler death trial was
among more than 20 prosecuted by Bailey during his decade as 1st Circuit solicitor.

(Van Hope/T&D Files)





Linda Williams, 38.



Ed Williams poses with his daughter Stacy and son Buster in July 1997. Two years later in
September, Stacy was killed in an attack at her mother’s home in Cordova. “It’s bad
when you’ve got to go to the graveyard to wish her happy birthday,” Williams says.


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