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Byron David SMITH



Exhibits from Byron Smith trial

Evidence photos and a diagram were among the exhibits introduced in Byron Smith's murder trial.



Chair where Byron Smith sat in his basement.
Evidence photo



Broken bedroom window in Byron Smoth's house. This is the glass heard shattering on the surveillance audio.
Evidence photo.



The chair, on the left between the bookcases, is where Byron Smith sat reading a paperback on the day
of the shootings. Photo: Evidence photo



The basement stairs and wing-back chair, in the far right corner of the photo, where Byron Smith sat.
Photo: Evidence photo.



Byron Smith's basement stairs. Smith sat in chair behind the book shelf on the right.
Photo: Evidence photo



The bedroom window where the teens broke into Byron Smith's home.
Photo: Evidence photo



The gun that was used to kill Haile Kifer.
Photo: Evidence photo



A door panel had been kicked in during a previous burglary at Byron Smith's house.
Photo: Evidence photo



Haile Kifer's purse found at the scene of Byron Smith's house.
Evidence photo.



Drawing of Byron Smith's basement. Smith's reading chair is marked as number 8, in the lower right.
Photo: Evidence exhibit.



Drawing of basement stairs, roughly from perspective of Smith's chair. He saw feet, legs,
 then hips of teens come down the stairs. Evidence photo.




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