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Perry Edward SMITH





Arthur Fleming, the Garden City attorney who represented killer Perry Smith is shown here.



March 24, 1960 - County Attorney Duane West carries from the courtroom evidence introduced
in the trial of Richard Hickock and Perry Smith for the murder of four members of the Herbert
Clutter family near Holcomb, November 15th.



Evidence bag of cord that was used to tie up the Clutters. Note the darkened pieces of the cord.
This is from the Clutter's blood.



James Spor was a Garden City, Kansas service station attendant. He serviced the car
of the murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.



Alvin A. Dewey, Chief investigator in the Kansas Clutter mass murder case, tells Senate Judiciary
Subcommittee that case would never have been solved without a confession.



Truman Capote, author of the best selling book "In Cold Blood," the story of the mass murder of
a family of four in Kansas, is shown as he appeared before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee.
Capote told the group that the crime never would have been solved without a confession.



Aoril 6, 1965 - Perry Smith (left in left photo) gets into a sheriff's car as undersheriff Wendel Meier (R)
and Deputy Sheriff Mickey Hawkins look on. In picture at right, Richard Hickock starts into another car
escorted by Sheriff Earl Robinson. Hickock and Smith, convicted of the mass slaying of the Clutter
family near Holcomb, Kansas, were enroute to Lansing prison to await their execution.





Clutter farmhouse

This is the farmhouse made famous in Truman Capote's book, "In Cold Blood." It was on November
15, 1959 that wheat farmer, Herbert Clutter, his wife, and two teenage children were murdered.



Aerial view of Clutter home

Aerial view of the Clutter farm in Holcomb, Kansas. This was the farmhouse of the Herbert Clutters who
were slain in a robbery attempt Nov. 15, 1959. The Clutter house (top right) was entered through a
doorway on the left end. The nearest person to the crime at the time was the caretaker living in the
house at the lower left corner of the picture.



Portraits of family found murdered

A wealthy Western Kansas wheat farmer, his wife, and two younger children were found shot to death
in their Holcomb home 11/15. Dead were Herb Clutter, 48, his wife, Bonnie, 45, (top), a son,
Kenyon, 15, (LR) and a daughter, nancy, 16, (LL). Police have no clues as to who bound and
gagged the family, then blasted them at short range with a shotgun.





The Clutter family tombstones in the cemetery.



Author Truman Capote poses at the grave of the murdered Clutter family, made famous
in his novel and in the film "In Cold Blood".