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Pedro Solis SOSA





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Kidnapping - Bank robbery
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: November 4, 1983
Date of arrest: February 4, 1984
Date of birth: December 27, 1951
Victim profile: Ollie F. Childress Jr., 55 (deputy sheriff)
Method of murder: Shooting (.44 caliber revolver)
Location: Atascosa County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on January 7, 1985


Pedro Solis Sosa was convicted in 1983 of the murder of 55-year-old Texas deputy sheriff Ollie F. Childress Jr. During the morning of November 4, 1983, Sosa, who was then 31-years-old, and his then 17-year-old accomplice Leroy Sosa, flashed the lights of their vehicle to flag down Wilson County Deputy Sheriff Ollie “Sammy” Childress while they were driving on a rural road in Wilson County, Texas.

When Deputy Childress stopped his car, Sosa pointed a handgun at him and told him to move to the passenger seat of his patrol vehicle. Sosa then drove Deputy Childress’ vehicle to a dirt road where he directed Deputy Childress to exit his vehicle, remove his shirt, place himself in his own handcuffs, and climb into the trunk of his patrol car.

Sosa and Leroy Sosa then drove the patrol vehicle to the LaVernia State Bank where they robbed the bank and unsuccessfully attempted to take two women as hostages. After robbing the bank, Sosa and Leroy Sosa drove back to the isolated location where they had parked their vehicle. Sosa then opened the trunk of the patrol car and shot Deputy Childress in the neck and head from close range because Deputy Childress had seen Petitioner’s face.

After Sosa and Leroy Sosa had driven a short distance away, Sosa directed Leroy Sosa to return to the patrol car so that they could wipe off the trunk of that vehicle. When they returned, Sosa saw that Deputy Childress was still moving, so he again shot him in the neck and head from close range.

Soon after police arrested Sosa on February 3, 1984, he signed a written confession admitting his guilt. Leroy Sosa also signed a written confession soon after his arrest on December 19, 1983, which was consistent with the key elements of Petitioner’s confession. Additionally, Leroy Sosa testified at Petitioner’s trial that Sosa shot Deputy Childress.

A jury found Sosa guilty of capital murder on November 27, 1984. The next day, the jury answered both of the Texas capital sentencing special issues affirmatively and the state trial judge sentenced Sosa to death by lethal injection.

When Childress had a fourth execution date set in 2005, family members of the victim expressed their frustration with the long wait. “Two of my aunts have died, and I regret they don’t know this date arrived. I’m glad it will happen. I do think he has exhausted all of his appeals,” said Roger Childress, son of Ollie Childress Jr. "This has been a long 22 years following such a horrible crime,” said Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt Jr. “This will finally give closure to family, friends, members of the community, and the sheriff’s department. “It has been long enough,” he said. “It seems that his attorneys have had sufficient time to verify all their facts that they are using to defend the man.”

However, the killer received yet another stay and has now been given a sixth execution date, almost 23 years after the brutal murder. "Without a doubt, this is our oldest capital murder case," District Attorney Lynn Ellison has said.

Ellison said his predecessor, Alger Kendall, allowed Sosa to remain on death row for about 4 years without bringing him back to Wilson County for the setting of an execution date.



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