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Harvey Philip SPECTOR





Phil Spector, shown here during opening statements on April 25, 2007, is standing trial for the 2003 shooting of actress Lana Clarkson. The pop music legend, 67, faces 15 years to life if convicted of murder and another 10 years if the jury finds he used a gun in the shooting.



Clarkson, 40, met Spector on Feb. 2, 2003, at the Foundation Room, the VIP club in the House of Blues, the Sunset Strip music venue. She was working as a hostess to make ends meet while she continued seeking acting jobs. According to prosecutors, Clarkson, who was 5 feet 11 inches tall, initially took Spector, who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and who was wearing a shoulder-length brown hair piece at the time, for a woman.



Phil Spector and Lana Clarkson rode in his chauffeured Mercedes limousine 40 miles from the music club to the producer's mansion in Alhambra, a middle-class suburb. Known as The Castle, the turreted house sat on three acres surrounded by a gate and had 33 rooms.



According to a chauffeur, Spector opened this rear door at about 5 a.m., about two hours after he entered the residence with Clarkson. The driver, Adriano DeSouza, told police Spector had blood on his hands and was carrying a gun. "I think I killed somebody," DeSouza quoted Spector as saying. The defense disputes that statement.



Clarkson died from a gunshot wound inside her mouth. She was sitting in a chair in the foyer of The Castle at the time of her death.



Clarkson was killed by a single bullet from a .38-caliber Colt Cobra. Four rounds still loaded in that handgun were "+P", which has been described by authorities as an "obscure" type of ammunition. There were 11 other guns in the house, and some were loaded with "+P", which, according to prosecutors, proves the gun belonged to Spector, not Clarkson.



A holster the size of the Colt Cobra was found inside the top drawer of a dresser in the foyer of Phil Spector's home.



In a powder room off the foyer, police recovered a cloth diaper soaked with Clarkson's blood. They also found a used cocktail glass.



Clarkson's blood was also found on stairs leading to the mansion's second floor. Prosecutors claim Spector engaged in a "pathetic" clean-up attempt instead of phoning for an ambulance.



In Phil Spector's living room, detectives found lit candles, an empty bottle of tequila and a cocktail glass.



In her opening statement, a lawyer for Spector said DNA from the tops of the bullets loaded in the Colt Cobra the part touched when loading a gun matched Clarkson's DNA and that of a second, unknown individual, but not Spector.

But during the prosecution's case, a criminalist testified that Clarkson's DNA was actually found in an area that included the tips of the bullet. Prosecutors suggested the DNA was from spots of blood thrown from her mouth when the gun discharged.



The defense introduced this photo of a gun discharging to demonstrate the amount and direction of gunshot residue produced by the firing of a weapon. A defense expert is expected to testify that Spector did not have enough residue on his clothes or hands to support the prosecution's theory that he fired the gun in Clarkson's mouth.



According to the defense, buttons on Clarkson's jacket sleeve were smeared with brain tissue residue, suggesting that her hands were near her mouth when the gun went off. The defense has said the fact no such tissue was detected on Spector's garments indicates he was not near the shooting.



The defense showed jurors this photo of the print lifted from Clarkson's shoe.



The Colt Cobra gun was found by Clarkson's left side. She is right-handed. Prosecutors say this is evidence Spector staged the scene, but the defense says someone may have kicked or otherwise moved the gun.



Clarkson's rhinestone-trimmed slip dress was spattered with blood.



Crime-scene technicians photographed blood spatter on the arms of the low chair where Clarkson was sitting at the time of her death.



Phil Spector and witness for the prosecution Dorothy Melvin, who dated the producer in the early 1990s, are pictured during that period at a Christmas party thrown by the comedian Joan Rivers. Melvin, who worked as Rivers' manager, said Spector often wore a red ribbon in memory of his son, Phillip Jr., who died from leukemia at age 9. Melvin testified that a drunken Spector pistol-whipped her with a revolver and menaced her with a shotgun.



In this video played by prosecutors, Adriano DeSouza, Spector's back-up chauffeur, demonstrates to a sheriff's department detective where he was standing when Spector emerged from his house and allegedly said, "I think I killed somebody."



DeSouza testified that Spector insisted that he and Clarkson entered his Pyrenees Castle via these 88 stairs, shown in this sheriff's department photo, rather than through the back door.



A diaper soaked in Lana Clarkson's blood was recovered from the floor of Spector's powder room.



A criminalist said he saw blood in the words engraved in the Colt Cobra .38 Special that killed Clarkson.



Five cartridges were loaded in the snub-nosed revolver and a spent round was found in the chamber.



The white ladies' dinner jacket Spector was wearing the evening of the shooting was found on the floor of the master bedroom. There were small drops of blood on the jacket, as this sheriff's department photo demonstrates.



Lab tests showed Lana Clarkson's blood on the inside of Spector's pants pocket, a criminalist testified.



The autopsy performed by Dr. Louis Pena showed Lana Clarkson died when a single bullet severed her spine. Pena said he could not determine how she died by the medical evidence alone, but that other evidence convinced him her death was a homicide.



A sheriff's department photo shows a brandy snifter, an empty bottle of tequila and a bottle of club soda on a coffee table in Spector's living room.



This sheriff's department photo shows an investigator looking into the leopard-print pocketbook on Clarkson's shoulder.


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