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Frederick Henry THOMPSON





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: August 15, 1939
Date of birth: 1907
Victim profile: Evelyn Mary Maughan, 8
Method of murder: ???
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Status: Executed by hanging at Hobart Gaol on February 15, 1940

Frederick Henry Thompson, the last man to be executed in Tasmania was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Evelyn Maughan, a child of seven who had disappeared after attending Sunday mass. Her body was later discovered by a visitor from Sydney who was looking for his father’s grave in the disused Queenborough Cemetery.

Two women had given a statement saying they had seen a man pushing an old pram towards the cemetery. Enquiries led to Thompson, a married man of 32 who was brought to trial before Mr. Justice Clark, convicted and sentenced to death.

It was later revealed that Thompson had two previous convictions for indecent exposure and had also been an inmate at the Lachlan Park mental hospital

The Mercury 15th February 1940 stated


Frederick Henry Thompson (32) who on Dec. 17 last was found guilty of murdering Evelyn Mary Maughan (8) will be hanged at Hobart Gaol this morning

The Executive Council yesterday gave lengthy consideration to the case. All Cabinet members were present.

A statement issued after the meeting said “The Council did not see fit to recommend to His Excellency the Governor to exercise the Royal Prerogative of mercy. The sentence of death will, therefore, be carried out, in accordance with the requirements of the Criminal Code. No official statement on the time of the execution was made, but it is believed the hanging will be carried out at 6.30 a.m.

The question of Thompson’s mentality was not raised by the defence. An appeal against the conviction on the grounds that his previous criminal record was wrongfully admitted failed.

Since his conviction Thompson has been in the condemned cell under close guard.

He had shown no outward signs of strain before the Executive Council’s decision not to interfere with the court’s penalty.

He has passed much of his time reading travel literature, particularly the “National Geographic” magazine.

The next day it was reported that Thompson had gone calmly to his death which was followed by an inquest held by the Coroner (Mr H.R Dobbie) at the Hobart Police Court . Det-Inspector Fleming appeared for the Police Department.

Dr. W.J Freeman, medical officer to the gaol said that at 6.9 a.m. he examined the body of Frederick Henry Thompson. The cause of death was dislocation of the cervical vertebrae inflicting fatal injuries on the spinal cord through the hanging. In his opinion death was instantaneous. The Coroner recorded a finding of death by hanging in accordance with the warrant of sentence of death.

Thompson was later buried at Cornelian Bay.



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