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Alofa TIME





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Parricide - Beheading
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: June 15, 2006
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: 1951
Victims profile: Theresa Lee Time, 47 (his wife) / Samantha Murphy, 36, and her daughter, Jae Lynne Grimes, 4
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife / Intentionally crashed his Dodge Ram truck into another vehicle
Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
Status: Sentenced to life in prison in December 2006

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Alofa Time has been charged with heinous crimes in Boise, Idaho. His actions have attracted international attention.

Prosecutors say he intentionally crashed his Dodge Ram truck into another vehicle on June 16, 2006, killing Samantha Nina Murphy, 36, and her daughter Jae Lynne Grimes, 4. (Time was uninjured.)

The impact caused the severed head of his wife, Theresa Lee Time, to fly onto Franklin Road. Soon afterward, police found Mrs. Time's stabbed and beheaded body in the garage of the couple's home. Time has admitted being involved with her death.

Theresa was born in Samoa. News reports do not state whether Alofa Time was also born in Samoa; however, "alofa" means "love" in the Samoan language. (Observers have pointed out the irony that a man whose name means "love" would commit such extreme crimes.)

Theresa's surviving sister, Roberta Oswald, reports that Time was a very jealous man.

Theresa Time is also survived by three sons who live in California.

Alofa Time's unusual name has raised speculation about whether he is an illegal immigrant, and his act of beheading has raised speculation about whether he is, or was influenced by, an Islamic extremist. News reports contain no information about either of these points.


Alofa Time kills wife then 2 in car accident

The newest horrific story of a domestic violence relationship gone badly involves Alofa Time, 50, of Boise, Idaho and his wife Theresa, 47. Charges were brought against Mr. Time after he choked his wife in March. They were scheduled to go to court July 25th on this charge. A judge granted a no-contact order which was supposed to keep Mr. Time from having any contact with his estranged wife. Mrs. Time requested that the no-contact order be lifted. She had to complete a safety planning class at a local crisis center before it was lifted.

On June 16, 2006, Mr. Time was in a car accident where he killed a woman and her 4 year-old daughter. The other daughter, an 8 year-old, was critically wounded in the accident and is recovering in a local hospital. Police are saying in put himself into the path of the victims.

What makes this story so horrific is what was found at the scene of the accident. Mr. Time pleaded with police to kill him after the decapitated head of his wife was found along the roadside during the investigation of the accident. The rest of her remains were found in a car at the couple’s home in Nampa, Idaho. Other items found on the scene were a suicide note and money with unreported wants after his death.

According to reports I read today, the couple married in December but may have sought divorce in January. Police reports say that he held her to the bed and tried to strangle her before police arrived. He was taken into custody but posted bail.



Man charged with 1st degree murder and two counts of 2nd degree murder

Friday, June 16, 2006

A twisted and gruesome story of murder unfolded Thursday in the Treasure Valley, resulting in the deaths of an innocent mother and her little girl, and the decapitation of the suspect's ex-wife in her Nampa home.

Police say the story began Wednesday night, where a man brutally killed his ex-wife, cutting off her head, according to officers.  Thursday, the story ended with two more victims, an innocent mother and child traveling on Franklin Road near Cloverdale.

"At about 6:30 we had a Boise police officer who was eastbound on Franklin Road,” says Mike Webb, Deputy Chief of the Boise police Department, “he saw a truck in front of him swerve into a car in the oncoming lane and crash into a passenger car."

Inside the car were a mother and her two young daughters.  36-year-old Samantha Murphy and 4-year-old Jae Lynn were killed instantly, leaving eight-year-old Sydney as the lone survivor.  Police say the driver of the pickup, 50-year-old Alofa Time purposely drove his truck into Murphy's car.  But the story doesn't end there.

Deputy Chief Webb goes on to say that “As other officers arrived on the scene they found a horrific piece of evidence, a severed female head lying on Franklin Road."

Because of that discovery, and information from Time, Nampa Police rushed to his home.

"They gave us information that they had gained from a person involved in the crash that he had been involved in a homicide in Nampa,” says Lt. Leroy Forsman of the Nampa Police Department.

And it was there at the Lotus Spring Subdivision, where officers found the decapitated body of his ex-wife, 47-year old Theresa Time in the garage.

"The female was sitting in the driver's compartment of the vehicle,” says Canyon County Coroner Vicki Degeus-Morris.  “Obviously, she had been decapitated."

Time had a history of violence.  According to court papers, just this Spring, Alofa was charged with domestic battery against Theresa.  A "no contact" order was issued at Theresa's request, but she later asked a judge to lift it.  A judge originally denied that request and asked Theresa to first take a domestic violence victim's class.  She did, and on May 30th, just 16 days ago, the couple was allowed to see each other again.

Neighbor Pete Romo says he never heard noise come from the Times’ home, so when he learned what happened just a few houses down, he was shocked.

"They were just really quiet people, kept to themselves, and never really said much.  We would wave every now and then… but they were just really quiet people."

Now it's up to detectives to figure out why Theresa was murdered.  Her body is with the Coroner’s office, and the blood stained car she was found in, a part of police evidence.

Degues-Morris was still shocked by the entire day’s events, “In my 22 years, this is probably the most brutal I've seen, given the whole picture."

Newschannel 7 is told that Sydnee, the eight year old accident victim, is doing much better as she recovers in the hospital.  Her grandfather and step grandmother are with her now.

Alofa Time is charged with two counts of second degree murder in Ada County and one count of first degree murder in Canyon County.



Alofa Time's Probable Cause Hearing

July 6, 2006

Caldwell, Idaho - There's new information that indicates Alofa Time allegedly sexually assaulted his ex-wife, Theresa, the night she was murdered.

The details are spelled out in a one-page letter he wrote, which officers found in his wallet, when Alofa was questioned at the scene of the deadly accident he's accused of causing nearly two weeks ago.

"He immediately said to her that he had killed his wife and that he was going to commit suicide, kill himself," said Det. Brandy Sutherland with the Nampa Police Department.

In a recording of Alofa Time's probable cause hearing on June 15, Nampa police detective Brandy Sutherland recounts Alofa's phone call to his aunt in California that morning.

"He said he was intending on committing suicide and told her to cremate him, cremate his body along with the $300 he had on his person," said Sutherland.

Sutherland says Alofa made that call just one hour before he allegedly crashed head-on into another vehicle, killing two people. When police arrived at the scene, they say Alofa had a considerable amount of blood on his shirt and a spot of blood on his foot.

"His hands also appeared to have, be covered with blood or dried blood," said Sutherland.

Also recovered at the accident scene was a letter Alofa had written. Officers found it inside his wallet.

"That one said 'I apologize for the brutality, brutalize' and then he stopped writing that and apparently wrote the other letter," said Det. Sutherland.

That other letter was entitled "motive" and it included the reason why he allegedly killed Theresa.

"He was tired of his wife hitting him, calling him names, and making fun of his manhood," said  Sutherland.

The one-page letter also indicated that Alofa had allegedly sexually assaulted Theresa with a broken table leg from a coffee table found in his garage. Alofa said he hopes that "will give her eternal pleasure for life," according to Sutherland.

Fox 12 News spoke with Theresa's relatives on Tuesday. They are not ready to comment on the information in the probable cause hearing at this point.

Canyon County prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Alofa Time. He is scheduled to enter a plea in the first degree murder case on Friday.


Alofa Time Pleads Guilty To First Degree Murder

Last June 15th, Alofa Time was arrested for beheading his wife in Nampa, and then attempting to commit suicide by allegedly driving his truck into an innocent mother and child in Boise, killing them as well. Now, there is some closure. Time has pleaded guilty to first degree murder in the killing of his wife, Theresa. He will no longer face the death penalty.

Marcie Hammer worked with Samantha Murphy, the mother who was killed.

"Would you have preferred him to get the death penalty?" CBS 2 News asked.

"I mean, she was my best friend and part of our family, so probably so, but I'm sure she would be happy with what happened, what the outcome was," Hammer said.

Samantha used to work here at Baird's Dry Cleaners and other co-workers say they were upset Time didn't receive the death penalty.

This is where it happened, six months ago. Nobody's been living here since. In fact, Alofa Time has apparently defaulted on his mortgage.

The house is scheduled to be sold at auction March 16. This neighbor living next door works in state corrections and says he doesn't think today's plea agreement makes much difference.

"I think it really didn't matter," Warren Lanphier told CBS 2 News. "Because the way things work in Idaho we don't execute people anyway. People sit on death row for years."

The Canyon County Prosecutor says this agreement will spare Theresa's family from a lengthy trial.

But Time still faces second degree murder charges in Ada County, where he allegedly drove his car into Samantha Murphy and her four-year-old daughter, Jae Lynn Grimes.

Ada County is not pursuing the death penalty against Time.


Man pleads guilty to torturing and beheading his estranged wife


An Idaho man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the beheading death of his estranged wife in a deal that spares him the death penalty, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors had originally sought a death sentence, accusing Alofa Time of first-degree murder with aggravating factors because they said they had evidence he tortured Theresa Time before killing her last June 15.

Under the plea agreement on Thursday, Time, 51, is to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Formal sentencing was set for March 5.

Teresa Time's decapitated body was found after her husband, carrying the severed head in his pickup truck, swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with a sedan, killing Samantha Nina Murphy, 36, and her daughter, Jaelynne Grimes, 4. The impact caused the head to fly onto the road.

Time still faces two second-degree murder charges for the traffic deaths, the AP reports.

He had been scheduled to appear in state district court in July after his wife accused him of beating her.

A message was left after hours with a firm that does public defending for Canyon County.


Alofa Time sentenced to 45 years

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Triple murder suspect Alofa Time has been sentenced to 15 years in the Idaho State Correctional Institute on two counts of vehicular manslaughter and one count of aggravated driving under the influence. Each charge carried a 15 year sentence, according to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office.

Authorities say Time purposefully drove his Dodge Ram pickup into a Nissan Sentra in Boise last June after killing his wife in Nampa. The wreck killed Samantha Murphy, 36, and her daughter, Jae Lynne Grimes, 4. Sydnee Murphy, 8, was also injured.



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