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Griselio Torresola



Oscar and Rosa Collazo



President Harry Truman



President Truman's residence at Blair House



11/2/1950- Washington, DC- Diagram view of the Blair House, scene of the attempt on President
Truman's life yesterday. Floyd Boring, Secret Service, shot and critacally wounded Oscar Collazo,
one of the Puerto Rican gunmen, and he crumpled at the foot of the Blair House steps.
Griselio Torresola, his co-conspirator, was shot and killed, falling over a hedge beside
 the entrance of the Lee House, adjoining the Blair House.



White House Policeman Private Leslie Coffelt dead.



Oscar Collazo shot in the chest at the stairs to Blair House.





Griselio Torresola killed by a bullet to the head.





11/1/50-Washington, D.C.- The body of Griselio Torresola is wheeled from Blair House after
he was shot by police during his assassination attempt on President Truman.



Griselio Torresola, the would-be assassin of President Truman, lies dead on a slab in a local
police morgue, shot to death by White House Guards.



Copies of the Spanish language letters found in the wallet of Griselio Torresola after the Puerto Rican
gunman was killed during yesterday's abortive attempt to assassinate President Truman at the Blair
House. The letters are signed by Pedro Albizu Campoos, Harvard educated leader of the Puerto Rican
Nationalists movement, and expressed the hope that "your mession will be a triumph."



Widow Questioned. New York: Albert Whitaker, Supervising Director of Secret Service, New York Area,
escorts Mrs. Grisellio Torresola, 22-year-old widow of the slain gunman who attempted to assassinate
President Truman, into Federal Building. She was taken into the offices of U.S. Attorney
Irving Saypol for questioning.



Oscar Collazo



The victim


White House Policeman Private Leslie Coffelt.



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