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Byran Koji UYESUGI




Circuit Judge Marie Milks listens as the prosecution makes opening statements;
a slide of Uyesugi is projected onto the screen.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



After jurors viewed the Xerox offices where Byran Uyesugi allegedly killed seven employees,
trial participants left the scene. Above are, from left, court clerk Lynette Gomes,
court reporter Nikki Beaver, and Jerel Fonseca and Rodney Ching,
Uyesugi's defense lawyers.



Byran Uyesugi stands with his attorneys on the first day of his murder trial in Circuit Court, May 15, 2000.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Randal Shin, spared in the shooting rampage, testifies during the Byran Uyesugi murder trial.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Above, defense attorney Jerel Fonseca talks with client Byran Uyesugi.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



City Prosecutor Peter Carlisle, left, makes his opening statement before Circuit Court Judge Marie Milks
 this morning. On the screen is a photo of one of the victims of the Xerox shootings, Jason Balatico.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Byran Uyesugi looks toward the jury box yesterday on the fourth day of his murder trial. He
seeks acquital by reason of insanity in the shooting deaths of seven of his Xerox co-workers.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Honolulu Police Department Detective Sheryl Sunia testifies about her conversation with
Uyesugi in the hours after the co-workers were shot to death.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Byran Uyesugi, in court August 8, 2000.



Dr. Denis Mee-Lee testified he thought Byran Uyesugi could function
with outpatient therapy after his 1993 evaluation.
(Associated Press)



Byran Uyesugi examines his fingernails as his victims' family members testify.
(By Craig T. Kojima, Star-Bulletin)



Byran Uyesugi confers with defense attorney Jerel Fonseca.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Dr. Michael Welner, a psychiatrist, shows jurors in the Xerox Corp. shooting trial a diagram
of the scene where seven workers were shot to death last November. Welner said the
shooter, Byran Uyesugi, sketched the diagram for him during a psychiatric evaluation.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Defense witness Harold Hall, above, demonstrates how Byran Uyesugi showed him how
he tried to fix a jammed gun in the midst of shooting co-workers.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Dr. Robert Marvit said he diagnosed Uyesugi in December as suffering from a delusional disorder that
impaired his ability to appreciate the difference between right and wrong on the day of the shootings.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Isle forensic psychiatrist Robert Marvit says Uyesugi's delusional disorder
made him legally insane during the killings.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



Forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz of California says  Uyesugi lacks ability
to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.
(By Ronen Zilberman, Associated Press)



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