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Pedro Alberto VARGAS



Pedro Alberto Vargas



An old ID card belonging to Pedro Vargas when he worked for the Media Services Department
at Miami Dade College. (Source: El Nuevo Herald)



Bullet holes Vargas shoots in an apartment wall during his rampage.
(Source: CBS4)



Picture taken by robot of where Vargas took two hostages and barricaded himself in another apartment.
(Source: The Miami Herald/Cortesia Policia de Hialeah)



Floor plan of SWAT Team, victims and Vargas inside of the apartment - 1. Six members of the Hialeah SWAT
team position themselves inside the apartment. 2. The hostages, kneeling on the floor and terrified, beg for
their lives while Vargas points a gun at them. 3. From an adjacent balcony, the police hurl a flashbang
grenade. 4. Vargas is distracted for a millisecond. 5. Officers with shields hustle the hostages out.
6. Vargas opens fire, but the bullets get embedded in the police shields and vests.
7. Police officers fire back and kill Vargas.
(Source: The Miami Herald/Luis Garcia/El Nuevo Herald)





A crew cleaning the charred apartment let an El Nuevo Herald reporter take a look at some of Vargas'
belongings, many of them apparently headed for the garbage.
(Source: El Nuevo Herald)



A glimpse into apartment 408 revealed that Pedro Vargas kept a machete, plenty of weightlifting equipment
and dozens of bootlegged DVDs in the home he shared with his mother, Esperanza Patterson.
(Source: El Nuevo Herald)



The victims


Italo and Samira Pisciotti, in a photo from their son-in-law's Facebook page.
Courtesy of WSVN Channel 7



Carlos Gavilanes, 33, was killed as he entered his Hialeah apartment complex with his 9-year-old son.
(Gavilanes family / Courtesy of the family)



Merly S. Niebles
(Courtesy of WSVN Channel 7)



Patricio Simono
(WSVN Channel 7 / Courtesy)



Priscilla Perez
(Courtesy of WSVN Channel 7)



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