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Hendrik VYT





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Known locally for his racist views - Arson
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: May 7, 2002
Date of birth: 1923
Victims profile: Ahmed Isiyasni and his wife Abiba El Hajji (Moroccan neighbours)
Method of murder: Shooting (9mm pistol)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Status: Killed during a shoot-out with the police on May 7, 2002

Belgian shoots Moroccan neighbours

BBC News

Tuesday, 7 May, 2002

An elderly Belgian man, known locally for his racist views, has shot dead two Moroccan neighbours in a poor area of Brussels.

Police say 79-year-old Hendrik Vyt killed the couple living in an apartment below him, and wounded two of their children.

The man then set fire to his own apartment, and was killed in a gun battle with police.

Mr Vyt had recently been released from prison, where he had been serving a short sentence for wounding a local youth.


Le Pen fan, 79, kills Moroccan neighbours

Police shoot suspect: Rage apparently set off by politician's election loss

Agence France-Presse, Reuters

BRUSSELS - An elderly man said to be upset at the defeat of politician Jean-Marie Le Pen in France's presidential election killed two Moroccan neighbours yesterday and wounded two of their children, police said.

Hendrik Vyt, 79, shot Ahmed Isiyasni and his wife Abiba El Hajji, who lived in the apartment below his, and wounded two of their five children, one seriously. Then he set fire to the building in the Belgian capital's low-rent Schaerbeek district.

The murderer was fatally shot by police, who returned fire when he shot from his window at their patrol cars as they arrived at the burning building.

He used a 9mm pistol.

Firefighters called to the scene around 4 a.m. said they found the bodies of the couple and their two wounded children on the second floor. A neighbour who tried to intervene was wounded in the leg.

Mr. Vyt's badly burned body was found in his apartment.

In 1999, the man was convicted of violence against a minor and served three months in jail, police said. Belgian television reported he was due to appear in court on another assault charge.

Marc Weber, an official of the heavily immigrant Schaerbeek district, said Mr. Vyt "had the reputation of a fanatical mercenary close to the extreme right."

Rita François, a neighbour, said Mr. Vyt had been angry after Mr. Le Pen was defeated in the second round of the French presidential election on Sunday.

"He said, 'It's not going well for [Le Pen's] National Front. We're going to have to do it ourselves,' " she told Belgian RTL television.

"It's likely that he had contacts with the extreme-right Flemish Vlaams Blok party," added Mr. Weber.

"I met people this morning who lived in the apartment below his [the same one occupied by the victims] who moved because they considered him a dangerous nutter."

"This man terrorized the entire neighbourhood with his German shepherd dog," said a neighbour who asked not to be named.

"He insulted immigrants and bragged that he had relations in high places. There were several complaints made over his hatred for Arabs and for his threats," added another.

The Brussels prosecutor's office said a police patrol was sent to the building on Monday after complaints of a violent quarrel between Mr. Vyt and his neighbours, but no action was taken.

"If that's confirmed, it would be a tragedy and responsibility will need to be established," said Mr. Weber.



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