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Roy Lee WARD





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape - Mutilation
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: July 11, 2001
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: July 20, 1972
Victim profile: Stacy Payne, 15
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Dale, Spencer County, Indiana, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on June 9, 2007



DOB: 07-20-1972
DOC: #914976 White Male

Spencer County Circuit Court
Judge Wayne Roell

Cause #: 74C01-0107-CF-0158

Prosecutor: Jon A. Dartt, Jack Robinson

Defense: Barbara Williams, Scott Blazey

Date of Murder: July 11, 2001

Victim(s): Stacy Payne W / F / 15 (No relationship to Ward)

Method of Murder: Stabbing with knife

Summary: 15-year old Stacy Payne and her 14-year old sister, Melissa, were home alone in their rural Dale, Indiana home when Ward entered and attacked Stacy with a knife.

Melissa had taken a nap upstairs and was awakened by Stacy's screams. From the top of the stairs Melissa saw Ward on top of Stacy.

She called 9-1-1 and heard Stacy pleading, “Stop!,” while Ward said, You better be quiet.” Ward was still at the scene, covered with blood and pocket knife in hand, when police arrived.

Stacy Payne's torso was nearly sliced in two, her throat was cut to her windpipe and her wrist was slashed to the bone. She was nevertheless alive for a short time. Vaginal bruising and Stacy's DNA on Ward's genitals supported the Rape and Criminal Deviate Conduct charges.

Ward was on probation for a Burglary in Missouri at the time of the crime and had a dozen prior convictions for Public Indecency/Indecent Exposure.

Conviction: Murder, Rape and Criminal Deviate Conduct

Sentencing: December 18, 2002 (Death Sentence, 50 years, 50 years)

Aggravating Circumstances:

b (1) Rape/Criminal Deviate Conduct
b (9) On probation or parole
b (11) Mutilation / Torture

Mitigating Circumstances:

dysfunctional family, education, and social environment
parents separated and divorced
mental retardation, low intelligence, mental illness and instability
exhibitionism disorder




On the morning of July 11, 2001, fifteen-year-old Stacy Payne was present in her Dale, Indiana home. Also present was her younger sister Melissa who was asleep in her bedroom. Stacy was waiting to leave for work. Other members of the family had already left for their jobs.

Pretending that he was searching for a lost dog, Ward approached the Payne residence and convinced Stacy to allow him to enter the house. Thereafter Melissa awoke to the sound of Stacy screaming. Going to the top of the stairs Melissa saw a man lying on top of Stacy holding her down. Melissa then ran to her parents’ room and dialed 911. As she was talking on the telephone Melissa could hear her sister saying “please stop.”

Shortly thereafter the Dale Town Marshall arrived and saw Ward standing in the doorway, covered with perspiration, and holding a knife. Drawing his service revolver, the Marshall ordered Ward to the ground. Ward complied saying, “I didn’t do anything.”

The Marshall then went to the kitchen and found Stacy lying on the floor, nude from the waist down, covered with blood, and her intestines exposed. Although conscious, Stacy could not speak.

She was taken immediately to the emergency room of the Deaconess-St. Joseph Hospital where doctors noted a laceration to Stacy’s abdomen, a laceration to her back that severed her spine, and a laceration across Stacy’s neck cutting her trachea. Efforts to save Stacy’s life were unsuccessful.

A subsequent forensic examination revealed that Stacy suffered eighteen blunt force injuries, including injuries found within the vaginal vault.


Roy Lee Ward sentenced to death

By Kate Braser -

June 8, 2007

Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Robert Pigman sentenced Roy Lee Ward to death today for the July 11, 2001 rape and murder of Dale, Ind. teenager Stacy Payne.

Payne's mother, Julie Payne, gave a victim impact statement during the 30-minute hearing.

Julie Payne stood between her daughter, Melissa, and husband Roger as she gave her statement in a voice trembling with emotion.

"The things we feel most deeply are hardest to put into words," she said.

As she described the ways Stacy Payne was hard working, caring and loved by all, Ward sat silently between his defense attorneys. He showed no emotion and declined the opportunity to offer his own statement.

"It has been six horrible, long hard years," Julie Payne said. "We have yearned for (Stacy) every day."

Julie Payne said Stacy was the kind of person people gravitated toward.

"She had just completed her freshman year of high school and was working her first job, saving every penny for her future plans," Julie Payne said. "Her life was so short but was filled with meaning."

Pigman set Ward's execution date for June 8, 2008 before sunrise. However, an automatic appeal follows death penalty convictions, meaning that date is likely to be delayed.

Roy Lee Ward is to be sentenced today for the July 11, 2001, rape and murder of Dale, Ind., teenager Stacy Payne.

After a week of often emotional testimony and graphic evidence presented during Ward's sentencing hearing last month, a jury took less than 45 minutes to recommend he receive the death penalty.

It marked the second time a jury has recommended Ward be sentenced to death for the crime. The earlier verdict of a Spencer County jury was overturned on appeal, and Ward was granted a new trial. Today's sentencing is scheduled for 1 p.m. in Vanderburgh Superior Court.

Days before Ward's new trial was scheduled to begin last month, he pleaded guilty to the rape and murder, so the jury pooled from Clay County, Ind., was instead asked only to decide his sentence.

After five days of testimony before Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Robert Pigman, jurors lost their composure and wiped tears from their eyes as Spencer County Prosecutor Jon Dartt recalled testimony during his closing arguments about how hard the 15-year-old fought to live.

Dartt said Payne lived for four hours after the attack.

Kentucky forensic pathologist Donna Hunsaker testified about her findings from Payne's autopsy. Hunsaker said the slim, athletic cheerleader was bound with nylon twine, raped, beaten on the head with a 3-pound weight, slashed across her throat and cut nearly in half across her midsection.

During the week of testimony, Ward's defense attorneys Lorinda Youngcourt and Steve Risptra called psychologists to testify. The professionals described Ward as a psychopath devoid of emotion and conscience.

Ward's mother, grandmother and other relatives and acquaintances all said he should spend the rest of his life in prison. Ward's own attorneys told jurors to give him life in prison without parole, explaining he is too dangerous to live his life anywhere but behind bars.

Because Ward's is a death-penalty case, it will automatically be appealed again. Payne's family and Dartt have said they are ready for the appeals process still ahead.

Today's sentencing is scheduled for 1 p.m. in Vanderburgh Superior Court.


Death penalty for Roy Lee Ward

Judge in Stacy Payne rape-slaying rules

By Kate Braser -

June 9, 2007

Through five long days of courtroom testimony, Julie Payne had to sit quietly as jurors learned in detail about the life of the man who raped and murdered her daughter. On Friday, it was Payne's turn to tell a courtroom all the reasons her daughter Stacy Payne made her proud during her short life.

"I wish you could better know Stacy so you could better understand our loss," Payne said at the beginning of the victim impact statement she offered during a 30-minute sentencing hearing for Roy Lee Ward on Friday in Vanderburgh Superior Court.

A Clay County, Ind., jury took less than 45 minutes to recommend Ward receive the death penalty following a week of testimony last month about the July 11, 2001, rape and murder of the 15-year-old in her Dale, Ind., home.

During Friday's hearing, Vanderburgh Superior Court Judge Robert Pigman formally sentenced Ward to death, ordering the execution to occur before sunrise on June 8, 2008. However, an automatic appeal follows death penalty convictions, meaning that date is likely to be delayed.

During last month's testimony, jurors saw Ward's baby pictures and learned of his grades in school, his attendance and his nicknames — all part of an effort by Ward's defense attorneys to demonstrate the troubled life he had led.

Julie Payne said she wished she'd been able to share Stacy's baby pictures, perfect attendance and good grades.

"Stacy's positive attitude and smile made her the kind of person other people gravitated toward," Julie Payne said as her voice shook with emotion.

"She had so much potential. She always did her best. Her life was so short, but it was filled with meaning."

As Julie Payne described how Stacy was hardworking, caring and loved by all, Ward sat silently between his defense attorneys. He showed no emotion and declined the opportunity to offer his own statement. His arms and legs were shackled. The short-sleeved yellow prison scrubs he wore revealed tattoos of the Tasmanian devil, a skull and dagger that were hidden by street clothes he was permitted to wear in front of the jury.

Julie Payne stood beside husband Roger and another daughter, Melissa, and as she listed Stacy's numerous accomplishments, but Payne said the achievements documented on paper are the easy ones to explain.

"The things we feel most deeply are the hardest to put into words," she said. "It has been six horrible, long, hard years. We have yearned for her every day."

Moments later, the hearing would end, and the only sound in the courtroom would the metallic jingling of Ward's shackles as he was led away.

The courtroom would empty and Melissa Payne would step into the hallway and tell reporters the sentencing does not end her family's pain.

"Stacy is not coming home," Julie Payne said at the end of her statement, emphasizing each word. "The damage to our family will last a lifetime.


Roy Lee Ward



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