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Charles Joseph WHITMAN




Charles Whitman


A widely released image, of Charles Whitman on a family vacation holding two rifles.



Charles with his father.





The Whitman family, Charles in the back row.



Charles Whitman as marine.



Photo of Charles Whitman from the 1963 Cactus, the student yearbook of the University of Texas.



Charles Whitman in an uncharacteristically relaxed moment at home.
Friends knew Whitman as driven but without focus.
Austin Police Department Files)



The wedding of Kathy Leissner and Charles Whitman.



Charles Whitman the day of his wedding.



Charles Whitman sits on the porch of the home at 906 W. Jewell St. he shared with his wife, Kathleen, and their dog, Schocie. In the letter he left after stabbing Kathleen to death, Whitman asked that Schocie be given to Kathleen's parents because she cared so for the dog.
(Austin Police Department Files)



Asleep on his couch with Schocie. Friends seldom found Whitman relaxed until the night of July 31, when in a letter he left at home for authorities he had already made up his mind to kill his wife.
(Austin Police Department Files)



Whitman at Barton Springs with an unidentified child. For reasons no one has been able to explain, Whitman asked whomever found the body of his wife to develop rolls of film from which this picture was developed. The rolls contained nothing more than Whitman, family and friends relaxing at Barton Springs and visiting the Alamo. (Austin Police Department Files)



Kathleen Whitman posing in front of the Alamo. In his diaries, Whitman professed to adore his wife, but he admitted abusing her, physically and emotionally. (Austin Police Department Files)



One of the photos Charles Whitman left on two rolls of film shows him and his wife, Kathleen, as he apparently wanted them to be seen: a happy couple enjoying a visit to the Alamo in San Antonio. (Austin Police Department Files)



Only two weeks before he murdered her, Charles Whitman posed for this picture with his wife Kathy during a trip to the historic Alamo in San Antonio. The trip occurred during a visit by Charles' younger brother, John Michael. While there he climbed the Alamo Monument for a picture, probably taken by John. These and other pictures from Charles Whitman's cameras are reproduced in A Sniper in the Tower. (Austin Police Department Files)



Charles Whitman posed for this picture during a trip to the historic Alamo in San Antonio.



Picnicking during a day of boating. Whitman had boasted of his Marine-carved physique and criticized his wife's heavy thighs, but he had put on considerable weight in the summer before the Tower shootings. (Austin Police Department Files)



Whitman reaching for a bottle of beer on a boat outing, perhaps on Lake Austin. This was a photograph from one of the two rolls of film he asked authorities to develop after his death.
(Austin Police Department Files)


Charles Whitman liked to write or type self-help notes to himself. This is a handwritten version of a saying he also had typed on a page dated the day he killed his mother, wife and then 14 strangers passing by the University of Texas Tower. (Austin Police Department Files)







Charles Whitman's Austin Public Library card.



Charles Whitman's diary, February - March 1964.



















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