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Gregory Paul WILSON






A.K.A.: "C.O."
Classification: Murderer
Number of victims: 1 Leader of a gang of violent street kids - Torture
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: July 26, 1992
Date of birth: May 10, 1967
Victim profile: Misty Largo, 19 (a street kid)
Method of murder: Ligature strangulation
Location: Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on February 3, 1994. Overturned 1996. Serving a 30-year sentence for kidnapping and assault and awaiting a possible new murder trial

Gregory Paul Wilson

Multnomah County - Oregon

Born: 5/10/67

Sentenced to death: 2/3/1994

Wilson was one of four people convicted in connection with the torture and murder of Misty Largo, 19, a street kid. Prosecutors said Wilson and Grant Charboneau were the leaders of a gang of violent street kids.

The Oregon Supreme Court overturned Wilson's aggravated murder conviction in 1996 because prosecutors made improper remarks to the jury about the testimony of a co-conspirator. In a retrial, where an alibi witness who had not testified in the first trial said Wilson was with her at the time of the killings, he was acquitted of most of the murder counts.

Interesting fact: Wilson's street name was "C.O.," according to several witnesses in his trials.

Status: Serving a 30-year sentence for kidnapping and assault and awaiting a possible new murder trial. Wilson, who maintains his innocence, has several appeals pending that could lead to his release from prison in the near future.



The evidence presented to the jury is set forth in the district court's opinion:

The victim, Misty Largo, was a homeless teenager who had been living in Portland for 6 to 12 months at the time of her death.

On July 25, 1992, defendant, along with Greg Wilson and two other men, drove to an area under the Marquam Bridge where Largo then was living. Defendant and Wilson were concerned that Largo was spreading rumors about Wilson's having stabbed someone.

The group found Largo and escorted her back to their vehicle at knifepoint. They drove to defendant's house. Defendant took Largo into the house, also at knifepoint. Many people were there. Largo was taken into a back room. Wilson instructed several of the people present to hit Largo in the face, and they did. Largo was kept in the back room, where she was repeatedly interrogated and slapped.

The next day, defendant and Wilson left the house and told others in the house to make sure that Largo did not leave. When defendant and Wilson returned later that day, Largo was interrogated and slapped for several hours. Then she was taken again to the back room. At some point that evening, Wilson, in defendant's presence, decided that he would kill Largo.

Largo was tied to a wheelchair. Wilson and defendant first tried to kill Largo by poisoning her with a glass of water in which they had dissolved a nitroglycerin pill. When that act failed to kill Largo, defendant found a plastic bag and placed it over Largo's head. After about five minutes, Largo was still breathing. Defendant then located a piece of speaker wire and wrapped it around Largo's neck.

Defendant and Wilson took turns choking Largo with the speaker wire for five to ten minutes. Still not convinced that Largo was dead, Wilson hit Largo on the sternum and throat. She 'gurgled and choked and stopped breathing.' After Largo died, defendant said that he would dispose of her body. Defendant and Michael Leon Stanton, another man at the defendant's house, left with the body. Defendant later said that he had hit Largo twice in the head with a splitting maul and that he and Stanto[n] had stabbed her in the heart.



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