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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Parricide - Domestic violence
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: December 28, 2003
Date of arrest: July 15, 2004
Date of birth: November 29, 1963
Victims profile: His estranged wife, Betty Jean Windsor and their son, Corey Windsor, 8
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on November 17, 2006

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WINDSOR, SHAWN, DOB 11-29-63, was sentenced to death on November 17, 2006.  Windsor was convicted of Murder - 2 counts and Theft by Unlawful Taking over $300. 

On December 28, 2003, in Jefferson County, Windsor beat and stabbed his wife, Betty Jean Windsor and 8-year old son, Corey Windsor. At the time of the murders, there was a valid domestic violence order in effect which ordered Shawn Windsor to remain at least 500 feet away from Betty Jean Windsor and to commit no further acts of domestic violence. 

After killing his wife and son he fled to Nashville, TN in his wife's car where he left it in a hospital parking garage.  Nine months later, in July of 2004, Windsor was captured in North Carolina.


Shawn Windsor

Investigators Nab Shawn Windsor

Thanks to the efforts of Americas Most Wanted viewers, and a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort, accused double murderer Shawn Windsor is in custody tonight.  He was arrested in the late afternoon of July 15, 2004 in Shelby, North Carolina.  Shawn Windsor's arrest is a direct result of the FOX crime fighting show, America's Most Wanted.

The investigation's big break came in Nashville, Tenn. on July 8.  Police there discovered Betty Windsor's Corsica in a hospital parking lot.  It was covered in dust and had obviously been there for some time.  Cops say the car had been abandoned there seven months before.  They were far behind Windsor, but catching up.  The local media broadcast coverage of the car's discovery in the following days.  This coverage also mentioned that Windsor had been profiled on Americas Most Wanted.

Tipster Leads Police to North Carolina

One alert news viewer recognized Windsor's photo and she was able to place him in a local homeless shelter a few months earlier.  When US Marshals followed up, they discovered Windsor had indeed been there, he had even used his real name and birth date.  But Windsor, they found out, had been transferred to a shelter in Shelby, N. C.  

The shelter told Marshals that Windsor had left the program with another participant named Wesley.  They also provided authorities with an address for Wesley's parents.

When the Marshals arrived at Wesley's parents' door, they were told that Windsor had been living in their home for the last four months.  Luckily, the parents knew where Windsor was, too.  He had been working at an auto parts salvage garage.  Marshals rushed to the garage, identified Windsor, and arrested him without incident.

Cops: It Began As Abuse And Ended With Murder

In the early 1980's, Shawn Windsor met and married his first wife, Angela.  Angela was only 15 at the time, and her family disapproved of the union. She says Shawn encouraged her to leave home, but the life she left for wasn't much fun.  Because they had no money, she says, they slept by railroad tracks and occasionally stayed with friends. 

On one occasion they stayed with a friend of Shawn's who was a tattoo artist.  Angela says that was the day that Shawn got the letters "S" and "A" tattooed on his arm, promising her they would be together forever. 

Eventually Shawn and Angela had two sons and one daughter.  But Angela says it was not long before Shawn's abusive behavior began to surface. She says that at first, it would only happen when he was drinking; he'd yell at her, call her names, push her, and smack her.  But in time, she says, the abuse got worse, and he began punching her.

Angela says says Windsor's abuses became worse and worse. She recalls the day he was in their back yard, attempting to fix the lawn mower, and asked her to help by holding the mower steady.  As he leaned into the mower using a wrench to fix it, Angela says the weight of it became too much for her to hold it steady, and she fell backwards.  She says Windsor's reaction was to take the wrench and cracked her on the knee with it. She says she couldn't walk for several days.

Eventually, Angela says, Windsor began abusing their two sons.  In one instance, she says, after beating one child son so badly that he could hardly move, Windsor then made him sit cross-legged on the floor. When she tried to go in and interrupt the beating, she says, Windsor turned his anger on her, hitting her with a nylon dog leash and threatening to kill her if she ever tried to leave him.

A New Woman Enters The Picture

In 1990, Angela's 15-year-old cousin Betty, was having problems at school. She knew that Angela lived in a better school district, and asked if she could move in with Angela and her family. She had no idea what was going on in her cousin's home. But cops say she would soon become a big part of it.

Angela agreed to let Betty move in, but that turned out to be a big mistake.  Because shortly after Betty arrived, Angela says, her young counsin became romantically involved with Windsor.  And a few months later, Betty became pregnant.

While Angela says she was hurt, she admits she was also relieved that Windsor's attention had shifted to someone else. In fact, she says, she saw this as her chance to escape from Windsor. He agreed to divorce her, and she moved out with her children.

Soon, Betty gave birth to a baby son she named Corey, and Windsor asked her to marry him. He took a new job working security at a grocery store, and persuaded the store manager to let the wedding take place right inside the grocery. He told the manager it would be a lot of free publicity for the store. But Angela, who attended the ceremony, says what he really was after was a free wedding.

Windsor and Betty tied the knot in the middle of the bread aisle. But their honeymoon wouldn't last long.  According to Betty's family, Windsor was soon back to his old ways -- he began abusing Betty.

Family members say that when Windsor purchased a new car with manual transmission, Betty was apprehensive about driving it, because she could not drive a stick shift.  Windsor promised to teach her. In July, 2003, as they drove around with Betty in the driver's seat, cops say Shawn became increasingly frustrated at her inability to operate the car. Police say he struck her in the face -- as their eight-year-old son watched from the back seat.

Betty decided to press charges, and Windsor was found guilty of a domestic-violence assault.  A judge ordered him to stay at least 500 feet away from his family.  When Betty filed for divorce several months later, Windsor refused to accept a summons mailed to his apartment, leaving the divorce in limbo.

A Deadly Dinner Date

In December, 2003, Betty and her son Corey were staying with her mother. It was the Christmastime, and according to Betty's family she began to feel guilty that she hadn't allowed Corey to spend Christmas with his father.

Police say Windsor called Betty on December 28th, asking to see Corey again, and inviting Betty and Corey over for dinner. Over her family's protest, Betty reluctantly agreed.

But Louisville police say dinner wasn't what Windsor really had in mind. Once he got Betty and Corey inside his home, cops say, Windsor stabbed his son in the heart and then beat both Betty and Corey to death with a barbell.  When police discovered their bodies, they also say they found a detailed written confession signed by Windsor and covered in blood. But Shawn Windsor had disappeared.


Shawn Windsor Pleads For Death Penalty For 2003 Murders

By Frances Kuo -

Shawn Windsor walked into his sentencing hearing Thursday morning to await judgment. However, in his mind, he's already decided for himself. WAVE 3's Frances Kuo was there.

"Enough is enough, I've admitted to it, I've accepted responsibility, and I'm willing to take the punishment, and I've asked for the harshest punishment possible, which is the death penalty," Windsor said to Judge Martin McDonald.

Windsor admitted to killing his estranged wife, Betty Jean, and 8-year-old son, Corey nearly three years ago.

At his hearing, Windsor's plea to be put to death was at odds with his own attorneys.

"There's a moral component that comes into this, Judge," said defense attorney Jay Lambert. "If you're going to kill this man, you've got to know who he is."

Lambert paints Windsor as a man who endured an abusive childhood. "There's physical abuse and this court apparently is more than prepared not to hear that. I don't know what else to say."

Lambert added that Windsor's troubled upbringing led to his unstable mental state. He argued that it culminated on December 28, 2003 when he beat and stabbed Betty Jean and Corey to death.

A defense witness took the stand, describing documents outlining the mental state of Windsor and his mother.

The testimony outraged Windsor. "It's like my mother's on trial instead of me," Windsor said at one point. "The 60s and 70s were not an easy time for anybody, especially for a single mother. They (defense attorneys) make it sound like she's the worst person on the planet Earth, when she made sure we went to church, she made sure we were clothed and fed, and we had a roof over our head."

Several members of Betty Jean and Corey's family members were at the hearing.

They -- and Windsor -- want judgment as soon as possible.

"It makes absolutely no sense to me to put through these individuals back here that have been through enough already through even more pain," said Windsor. "It's ridiculous to me. I've accepted responsibility, I think the court needs to rule, and the court needs to rule now."

Windsor's hearing will resume Friday, when prosecutors are expected to call their witnesses to the stand.



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