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Clinton Lee YOUNG





Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: For the use of their vehicles
Number of victims: 2
Date of murders: November 24-26, 2001
Date of birth: July 19, 1983
Victims profile: Doyle Douglas, 41 / Samuel Petrey, 52
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Midland County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on April 15, 2003
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TDCJ Number

Date of Birth

Young, Clinton Lee



Date Received

Age (when Received)

Education Level




Date of Offense

Age (at the Offense)


11/24/2001 through 11/26/2001





Hair Color






Eye Color

5 ft 11 in



Native County

Native State

Prior Occupation



iron worker, construction, carpet layer, laborer

Prior Prison Record


Summary of incident

In November 2001, Young fatally shot a 41 year old white male and a 52 year old white male. 

Both victims were murdered for the use of their vehicles and both incidents occurred within a 48 hour period.


David Lee Page, Darnell McCoy

Race and Gender of Victim

white male


Clinton Lee Young (born July 19, 1983) is a convicted murderer, Death Row inmate, and activist, currently on Death Row in the state of Texas.

Young is known for his Uncensored from Texas Death Row articles, previously written by Richard Cartwright and Paul Colella. Cartwright was executed on May 19, 2005, while Colella was released from Death Row on August 12, 2003, after having had his sentenced reduced to 20 years imprisonment.

An organization known as Save an Innocent Life is presently working on proving his innocence.


Clinton Young gets death penalty

By Shanna Sissom - Midland Reporter-Telegram


Judge John G. Hyde sentenced Clinton Lee Young III to death by lethal injection at 3:30 pm. Friday after a jury decided there were no mitigating circumstances to spare his life.

Young, 19, was convicted of murdering two men, Doyle Douglas, 41, of Ore City and Samuel Petrey, 52, of Eastland for the use of their vehicles in November 2001.

Petrey was killed in a Midland oilfield after being kidnapped in his hometown.

Young, who exhibited far less emotion than did his defense team, turned to the Petreys and offered an apology.

"I apologize to the victim's family," Young said, and then turned to his grieving mother, who was in back of the courtroom sobbing uncontrollably. "And I apologize to my family."

After Young was sentenced to death, Petrey's son, Ricky, had a few words for the man convicted of murdering his father.

"You can't expect one bit of sympathy from me at this time," Petrey said. "I've seen you all through this trial and you haven't shown one bit of respect or remorse for my family."

Midland County District Attorney Al Schorre, who prosecuted the case along with first assistant Teresa Clingman, said he was proud of the jury's decision following the approximate 13-hour deliberation that took place over the course of two days.

"They had a tough decision and they made the right call," Schorre said.

"I'm happy for the families of the victim, now maybe they can have peace," Ms. Clingman said. "As for the defendant, he got just a small taste of what he deserves."

Ricky Petrey also told Young his life had been a series of bad choices.

"This jury, since you can't choose the right thing, they did it for you," he added.

The murder victim's widow, Lanna Petrey, told the Reporter-Telegram she was grateful for the jury's decision.

"I feel better," she said, with watery eyes and a soft smile. "I know it was a hard decision but I want to thank the jury for doing the right thing."

While Ms. Petrey said she feels compassion for Young's mother, she said Young's death would prevent him from killing others.

"I think if anybody deserves the death penalty, he does," Ms. Petrey explained. "If he hadn't been stopped, no telling how many people he would have killed."

Petrey and Young were murdered within 48 hours of each other during a cross-state crime spree that ended when Midland authorities shot out the tires of a stolen vehicle Young was driving.

Schorre suggested in closing arguments earlier this week that Young is likely to kill again, either inside or outside of prison.

The defense team, comprised of attorneys Ian Cantacuzene, Paul Williams and paralegal Nancy Baker, were visibly shaken with the death sentence, hugging Young and each other as some tears where shed.

No one wanted to talk to the news media.

The team has passionately defended Young during the four-week trial while arguing his behavior is the result of mental disorders, a troubled childhood and drug addiction.

Young has already planned an appeal.

Hyde on Monday is expected to make a decision on a technical legal question of possible jury misconduct after Cantacuzene witnessed Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter conversing with the jury foreman during a lunch break.

And while Painter testified in a spontaneous hearing as jurors were deliberating, he explained the two men were talking about golf and his children and nothing related to the trial.

Attorneys researched case law to determine if anyone other than the bailiff is permitted to talk to jurors while deliberations are under way, and that information will be presented formally to the judge next week for an official ruling.

Midland County Sheriff's Office deputies are also deputies and as such Painter testified he is the head bailiff.


Penpal request

Greetings to all

My name is Clinton Lee Young, known by the State of Texas as #999447. I was “wrongfully” forced into the hands of the Polunsky Unit in April of 2003.

Since arriving I have reached my 20th birthday. By the way Texas conducts its appeals, I am hoping to at least see 25. When I arrived I weighed 185 pounds, but after barely 5 weeks of eating state food I dwindled to 168. TDCJ says it feeds less, due to budget problems, but is seeking millions to build more dungeons of psychological aggression, otherwise known as administrative segregation. Which is the 6 foot by 9 foot cage that I live in. The program I, as well as the other death row inmates, live under is designed to psychologically oppress us by housing us in a cage and letting us have recreation is a bigger cage, but without human contact. They make us have visits with our OWN family, behind thick glass which further emotionally unbalances us.

The only things that helps us stay mentally sane is faith, hope and mail. Which is one of the reasons I am reaching out through the Lamp of Hope Project, so that I can receive a penpal to help me endure this constant struggle. I am seeking someone in their 20s and up, because I feel we would be on the same maturity level and could have a more meaningful friendship. But age, race or gender do not matter. I am an open minded person that enjoys writing, reading subjects on history, fables, folk law, mythology, science and other beautiful subjects. I also enjoy the outdoors, some sports, people, anything that provides a laugh and life in general. (I have included a photo mf myself and my baby sister to put a face wit ha name. I am also enclosing two photos of me from a media visit here on Death Row as well as one of me in the court room, in full shackles, which was part of the states propaganda to try to make me appear dangerous and to suppress me).

Now if you’re wondering how I was “wrongfully” placed in the hands of the Polusky Unit, it is because I was “wrongfully” convicted on the states “theory”. I was convicted due to co-defendents that were seeking favor from the state. By their words I am a clod blooded killer. However though, by the unbiased scientific reports that I have, which were not admitted into evidence due to mistakes by my lawyer, I am innocent. I never shot anyone.

All the evidence points to those who are guilty, but unfortunately my lawyer did not properly present this at my trial, and due to this mistake I am paying dearly. There are other variables that show my innocence, other than the scientific evidence. I have my legal file with me, so I can provide copies.

I am seeking mot only a penpal, but also any group, person, lawyer, student, university &/or etc that will take the time and review my case and help me fight and prove my innocence. Before it is too late and I am wrongfully executed for a crime that others committed, that I did not know if or intend to happen. I just turned 18 when the offence occurred and I was sentenced to die by lethal injection at 19 (I received my Death Sentence in George Bush’s home town). Those who only want to correspond are greatly appreciated, just as those who wish to provide legal assistance.

I remain your truly

Clinton Young
Polunsky Unit #999447
3872 FM 350 South



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