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Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Rape
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: May 16, 2005
Date of arrest: June 2, 2005 (in Latvia)
Date of birth: 1963
Victim profile: Jeshma Raithatha, 17
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Status: Sentenced to life in prison on March 28, 2006
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Viktors Dembovskis, 44. Murdered Jeshma Raithatha, 17, in 2005 as she walked home from school. He had been jailed twice in his native Latvia for rape. Convicted 2006.


Death fall teen never got over tragedy of her sister's rape and murder

14th August 2009

A teenager left tormented by the brutal rape and murder of her older sister plunged to her death from the top of a car park, an inquest heard.

Nishma Raithatha, 15, never came to terms with the murder of her sister Jeshma four years ago.

A-level student Jeshma, 17, was repeatedly raped and stabbed in the heart by Viktor Dembovskis on her way home from school in May 2005.

The Latvian had been allowed into Britain despite a string of rape convictions in his country.

Nishma was 12 at the time and yesterday an inquest heard the ordeal left her 'unwell' including suffering from depression.

No more details of her illnesses were disclosed to Hornsey Coroners Court but coroner Andrew Walker said he was not 'satisfied so I am sure' that her death was a suicide and recorded a narrative verdict.

Nishma's death days before her 16th birthday in Harrow, north west London, meant engineer Suresh and admin clerk  Manjula had lost two daughters in less than four years.

Referring to a diary written by Nishma in the years after her sister's death, the coroner asked the family: 'It seems to me that in this terrible tragedy, and underneath it all, is it right that Nishma never came to terms with the loss of her sister who had been murdered and this made her unwell?'

Relatives in court including her mother, aunt and brother, all agreed.

Mr Walker said: 'Nishma fell from a building to her death. She had never come to terms with the loss of her sister who had been murdered and this had made her unwell.

'I know there is nothing I will ever be able to say to comfort you for a loss of this magnitude.  

'One thing I can is that Nishma was looked after by her family and given every support through this illness. She could not have had better support from her family and friends.

'The loss of one child is devastating - the loss of two I can only begin to think how devastating that might be.' 

Recording his verdict, he said before recording a suicide verdict he had to be sure that the person intended to take their own life.

He said: 'I am very much moved from what I have read in the notes left by Nishma and having read them I can't be satisfied so I am sure that her death was a suicide.

'In my judgement she did not kill herself.' 

She was found by police after falling from the car park at St George's shopping centre in Harrow, north west London, on 7 April this year.

Nishma was pronounced dead at the scene less than an hour later and the cause of death was given as multiple injuries.

A report from GP Genevieve Small said over the last two years they had tried to help her recover from depression.

Dembovskis raped and killed Jeshma in west London six months after he arrived in Britain.

He fled to Latvia but was extradited and jailed for life at the Old Bailey after a trial. He had been jailed several times in Latvia, where a prosecutor once warned: 'One day this man will kill.' 

Last night, her family issued a statement which said: 'We are devastated by the loss of our beautiful and talented daughter Nishma.  

'Nishma found it very difficult to come to terms with her older sister Jeshma's death.

'Nishma was loved by her family and friends, receiving continuous care and support to deal with the trauma of losing her sister. House moves and family trips abroad helped her deal with her grief, however this proved only temporary.

'We have lost two beautiful daughters as a consequence of Jeshma's murderer, who came to Britain with a violent past.  

'We try to console ourselves in the belief that Nishma and Jeshma are together in a better place where there is no evil, and pain cannot touch their tender hearts.  

'We are satisfied with the coroner's verdict announced today at the inquest into Nishma's death.  

'The family continue to grieve and kindly request the press to allow us some privacy, so we are able to get back to some sort of normality, if that is ever possible.'


Younger sister of murdered schoolgirl jumps to her death from multi-storey car park

The younger sister of a schoolgirl who was raped and murdered by a serial sex offender has leapt to her death from a multi-storey car park four days before her 16th birthday

By Richard Savill -

24 Apr 2009

Nishma Raithatha, 15, is said to have struggled to come to terms with the murder of her older sister Jeshma nearly four years ago.

Jeshma, an A-level student, who was an aspiring singer and actress, had been abducted as she walked from school to her home in Greenford, west London, three days before her 18th birthday in 2005.

She was sexually assaulted and stabbed through the heart by Viktor Dembovskis, 47, a Latvian national who had been allowed into Britain, despite having twice been convicted of raping women at knifepoint in his native country.

He received three life sentences at the Old bailey in May 2006.

Nishma, who was 12 at the time of her sister's death, took time off school to try to come to terms with the trauma.

A relative said: "Nishma never recovered from her sister's death. With the anniversary coming up it just became too difficult for her. Her parents tried to help. It should not happen to a family once, but it has happened to our family twice."

The sisters' parents Suresh and Manjula Raithatha and their brother Trishul were being comforted at their semi-detached home in South Harrow, London.

Nishma fell to her death from a multi-storey car park at St George's shopping centre in Harrow on April 7 this year. Scotland Yard said her death was not being treated as suspicious.

Terry Molloy, headteacher at Claremont High School in Kenton, Harrow, where both girls were pupils, said Nishma's death was a "tragic loss", and the school would take a "great deal of time" to come to terms with it.

He said: "We have lost a valued member of our community. We would like to pay tribute to Nishma's spirit and her all too rarely seen sense of humour.

"Nishma had clearly fought a long and personally distressing battle to accept the loss of her older sister. It was clear to her teachers that she carried this loss with her throughout her time in school."

A tribute page to Nishma has been set up on the social networking site Facebook where hundreds of her friends have left messages.


Life sentence for Jeshma killer

BBC News

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

A Latvian man who raped and murdered a teenager as she walked home from school has been given three life sentences.

Viktor Dembovskis, 43, attacked Jeshma Raithatha as the 17-year-old made her way along a footpath near her home in Greenford, west London, last May.

Her body was discovered eight days later. She had been strangled, raped and then stabbed to death.

Sentencing Dembovskis at the Old Bailey, Judge Peter Beaumont said he would never be released.

Jurors took three hours to find Dembovskis guilty of murder and two counts of rape.

A-level student Miss Raithatha, an aspiring actress and singer, was attacked three days before her 18th birthday.

Blood-stained necklaces

Jurors heard Dembovskis lay in wait for her, choosing a "den" in thick undergrowth where they would not be seen.

Miss Raithatha was raped while she was still unconscious, then stabbed to death to stop her identifying Dembovskis, who had been living near her family home in Greenford.

Swabs taken from the teenager matched Dembovskis' DNA and two blood-stained necklaces, stolen from Miss Raithatha, were found in a fleece jacket left at his home.

He fled the country four days later after realising he had left his keys at the murder scene.

Her family, who were in court to hear the verdicts, said her life had been taken in a "senseless manner".

In a statement they said: "She had such hopes and dreams for her future which was cut short in the most cruel and horrific manner."

They also demanded to know why Dembovskis was allowed to live in the country despite having been jailed for raping two women in Latvia.

"What checks were made about his background before he was allowed to set foot on British soil?"

They said his sentence should serve as a warning "that the taking of innocent lives will not be tolerated in a civilised society".

Dembovskis was flown back to London from Livani, 90 miles south-east of the Latvian capital Riga, to face trial.

The court heard he had twice been convicted of raping women at knifepoint in Latvia, in 1990 and 1999 and had a "propensity" to sexually assault women.

The Home Office said more co-operation was needed between EU states to ensure dangerous criminals were monitored.

But it said since joining the EU, Latvian nationals were free to come to the UK and a criminal record was not an automatic barrier to entry.

Sentencing Dembovskis, Judge Beaumont told him: "You have not displayed one jot of remorse for the appalling crimes you committed against that girl or the consequences to her family.

"You have twisted, lied and cast about for any excuse you could think of to avoid your responsibility for the abduction of a 17-year-old girl as she made her way home in broad daylight."

Det Insp John Crossley, the investigating officer, paid tribute to the family's bravery and dignity.

He added: "Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, Dembovskis has fought the case all the way putting the family through the trauma of a trial."


Jeshma suspect to be extradited

BBC News

Monday, 20 June, 2005

Latvian authorities have said a man wanted over the rape and murder of 17-year-old student Jeshma Raithatha will be extradited to the UK.

Viktors Dembovskis, 42, who had lived near Jeshma in west London, is in custody in Preile, south-east Latvia.

Jeshma was stabbed to death on 16 May, by a footpath near her home in Sudbury Hill, west London, on her way home after shopping at Wembley High Road.

Mr Dembovskis, a Latvian national, has 10 days to appeal against the ruling.

Prime suspect

"We have decided to extradite Viktors Dembovskis to Great Britain," Andrejs Vasks, a spokesman for the Latvian prosecutor general's office told news agency AFP.

If Mr Dembovskis, who has denied the allegations, decides to appeal it could take up to one month for a court to make a final ruling.

The suspect, who worked in a carwash in London, was arrested after he was discovered in his home town of Livani, in eastern Latvia, earlier this month.

Scotland Yard detectives were joined by Interpol and the Latvian authorities in the hunt for Mr Dembovskis.

Jeshma was reported missing by her parents on 16 May after she failed to return home from school, but it was eight days before her body was found.

Police believe she was grabbed by a stranger, taken to a secluded wooded "den", raped and stabbed three times through the heart.


Jeshma killed in 'random attack'

BBC News

Tuesday, 31 May, 2005

A-Level student Jeshma Raithatha was raped and murdered at random as she walked home from school, police said.

Jeshma, 17, is thought to have been grabbed by a stranger on a secluded footpath in Sudbury Hill, west London, at about 1500 BST on 16 May.

At first police thought she died six days later, but now believe she was murdered on the day she disappeared.

They are still looking for a man who lived near Jeshma but has gone missing from his home.

His and two other houses in Dimmock Drive are being searched by officers, but police have refused to identify the man.

Jeshma's partially clothed body was dumped in dense undergrowth at the back of a leisure centre. She had been raped and stabbed three times through the heart.

Detectives initially thought she had been killed elsewhere, but now think she was grabbed as she walked along the footpath and forced into a "wooded den". Her body lay undiscovered for eight days.

Jeshma's aunt, speaking to BBC News, said on Tuesday: "There has been a lot of speculation recently, a lot of it wrong, but a random attack is something we had been thinking about.

"We just now hope they catch her killer.

"Jeshma was a young, smart funny, bubbly girl with everything to look forward to. All that has now been snatched away."

Details of Jeshma's last movements were outlined by police who are hoping more witnesses will come forward.

She had been to school to study for her exams and left at 1300 BST, catching the bus to Wembley High Road, where she went shopping in Primark and TownCity.

She then got the 92 bus back to Sudbury Hill, where she arrived at about 1500 BST.

As she headed home, she took a footpath through the wooded area where she was killed. The area is still being searched for clues.

Detectives plan to release CCTV footage of Jeshma shopping on Wembley High Road.

Her mother said Jeshma, who would have turned 18 days after her disappearance, was committed to her studies and wanted to study music and media at university.

She rarely went out at night on her own and was usually picked up from school, but as an A-Level student was not expected in school all day and had left early.

Det Ch Supt Andy Murphy said: "She did not have a complicated life in any way, shape or form. It appears she was the victim of a random attack."


Missing teenager stabbed to death

BBC News

Thursday, 26 May, 2005

An A-level student was stabbed to death near her home nearly a week after she disappeared, police believe.

Jeshma Raithatha was stabbed through the heart and left in bushes near a footpath in Sudbury Hill, west London.

The last reported sighting of her was on Monday 16 May, but police think she was murdered on 22 May.

Police say the "full circumstances" are not yet known, but want reports of anyone seen acting suspiciously in that area last week.

Jeshma's parents Suresh and Manjula reported her missing after she did not return home on 16 May.

Staff saw her at Claremont High School in Kenton at about 1400 BST but that was last reported sighting. Her family had said it was very out of character for Jeshma to disappear.

She was due to turn 18 last week and should have taken her first A-level exam on Monday.

Instead police spent eight days trying to trace her, before finding her body in undergrowth by the recreation ground between the David Lloyd leisure centre and Greenford Road, behind Sudbury Tower.

Det Supt Sue Hill said police were keeping an open mind about why Jeshma was killed. She wants any of Jeshma's friends, who may have seen her after 16 May, to contact police.

"'This is a very tragic case, and a very distressing time for Jeshma's family and friends," she said.

"We are working hard to collect the facts and evidence that will help us solve this case."

'Evil person'

Jeshma was last seen wearing a blue jumper, navy jeans and carrying a black schoolbag with red hearts. Her family had said her disappearance was "completely out of character".

In a statement, her mother and father said: "The family is devastated and is distressed at this time and request that the media now respect our privacy and allow us to grieve in peace.

"Our beautiful and loving daughter has been taken away from us by an evil person.

"If anyone has seen or knows anything that will help catch her killer please contact police."

Staff at Claremont High School, in Kenton, where Jeshma had been due to sit her first A-Level exam on Monday, described her as a "caring and creative young woman".

"At this very sad time, our hearts go out to her family," they said in a statement.

Pupils and staff have been offered counselling.



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