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Paul Gilbert DEVOE III





Classification: Spree killer
Characteristics: Fit of rage
Number of victims: 6
Date of murders: August 24/25, 2007
Date of arrest: August 27, 2007
Date of birth: August 31, 1963
Victims profile: Michael Allred, 41 / Paula Griffith, 46; Jay Feltner, 48; Haylie Faulkner, 15, and Danielle Hensley, 17 / Betty Jane Dehart, 81
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Texas/Pennsylvania, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on October 8, 2009

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Paul Devoe sentenced to death

Slain teens will be 'haunting you,' family member tells him

By Steven Kreytak -

October 9, 2009

After a jury sentenced Paul Devoe to death Thursday, the mother of one of his victims — 17-year-old Danielle Hensley — took the witness stand in a Travis County courtroom and told Devoe it would be nice to know if he cared what she and other victims' family members had to say.

"Do you care?" Christina Gribble asked Devoe. Devoe did not react. It could have been the anti-psychotic medication he is taking. Or perhaps Devoe was revealing himself as the cold, callous killer painted earlier in the day by prosecutors, who say he has shown no remorse during and after a six-person, two-state murderous rampage in 2007.

Gribble told Devoe that her daughter and another of his victims, Danielle's friend Haylie Faulkner, 15, will be visiting him in his cell.

"They'll be haunting you," Gribble said. "I have nightmares every night, and I wake up to a nightmare, and Danielle and Haylie will see that yours are worse.

"You have ruined my life, and I don't even know you."

Earlier, the jury that took just 20 minutes last week to convict Devoe of capital murder for killing Haylie and Danielle took less than 3½ hours to send him to Texas' death row. He will probably be there for years before being executed. District Judge Brenda Kennedy appointed lawyers to represent him during his appeal, which is automatic.

According to published reports, prosecutors in Franklin County, Pa., where Devoe is accused of killing an 81-year-old woman for her car, said they plan to try Devoe. Sam Oatman, district attorney for Burnet County, said he has not made a decision on whether to take Devoe to trial there, where he is charged with murder in the death of bartender Michael Allred, 41.

In Travis County, the comments by Gribble and other family members capped the four-day punishment phase of Devoe's trial.

When Kennedy adjourned court, the raw emotions of the trial gave way to a calm and quiet exhale by the family and friends of Devoe's victims. They hugged each other, hugged prosecutors and even went to the bench to thank Kennedy and into the jury room to thank jurors.

"It's been a long time coming," said Robert Faulkner, Haylie's grandfather. "Maybe we can start working to put this behind us."

Haylie's father, Larry Faulkner, said: "I do take comfort knowing he's not going where our angel went. He's going to hell."

Devoe, 46, grew up in Long Island, N.Y. His family said that he started drinking heavily when he was in his early teens, dropped out of school in about the ninth grade and was prone to violent outbursts from a young age. He dated and then abused a string of women in Long Island. When he was in his 20s, he fired a shotgun at a crowd of teens drinking beer and wrapped a phone cord around the neck of his mother, who promptly took out a protective order against him, according to testimony.

He was in and out of jail and prison in New York from 1980 to 2002, according to his lawyers. While free during that time, he wooed a string of women and fathered four children. But those relationships would inevitably end with Devoe inflicting abuse on the women in fits of drunken rage, according to some of those women and records introduced during the trial.

He moved to the Texas Hill Country in about 2005 and continued a pattern — meeting women, moving in with them, living off them while drinking heavily and then abusing them when they tried to end it, several of those women testified.

In August 2007, he was living with Sharon Wilson at her house in Llano after another relationship went bad. Wilson agreed to let him stay with her in exchange for Devoe doing some construction work on her house, Wilson testified.

But one day when she found him with a gun — something she prohibited — and then suspected Devoe of stealing from her purse and emptying a gas can she had just filled, Wilson told him to leave, she said.

That request sent Devoe into a rage. He shot a gun at the couch, walls and floor of Wilson's house before jumping in her truck and heading for Marble Falls, where he found an ex, Glenda Purcell, at O'Neill's Sports Tavern on Main Street, according to testimony.

He put the gun to Purcell's head and pulled the trigger but it did not go off, Purcell testified. Moments later, he shot bartender Allred in the back of the bar and fled in the truck, witnesses said.

He drove to the house of another ex who lived in Jonestown — Paula Griffith, 46. There he fatally shot Griffith, her daughter Haylie, Danielle, and Griffith's boyfriend, Jay Feltner, 48, prosecutors said.

In a statement read in court by police, Devoe said he then drove to Long Island, stopping along the way to fatally shoot Betty DeHart in Greencastle, Pa.

During closing arguments, defense lawyer Tom Weber said, "He knows he did heinous crimes," but noted that in the approximately 14 years that Devoe has spent behind bars in his life, he has not been disciplined for committing violent acts. A sentence of life in prison would protect society, he said.

Prosecutor Gary Cobb called for justice for Devoe's victims: "If you don't know what to do with somebody who killed six people and behaved how he has throughout his life ... if you don't already know what Paul Devoe knows, which is if you do this, you deserve to be executed, there is no way I can ever convince you."

The jury was convinced, deciding with its verdict that Devoe is a continuing threat to society and that there were no mitigating factors to warrant a sentence of life without parole — the combination needed for a death sentence.

Juror Cynthia Monroe said on her way from the courthouse that she chose death based on "his past behavior and past evidence.

"There was no way he was going to stop."


Devoe declared competent to stand trial

Man accused in six killings returning to Travis County to face capital murder charges.

American-Statesman Staff

Friday, March 06, 2009

After spending several weeks at a psychiatric hospital, murder suspect Paul Devoe has been declared competent to stand trial.

Devoe, 45, is accused of shooting to death a man at a Marble Falls bar, four people in a Jonestown house and a woman in Pennsylvania in August 2007 before being arrested in New York.

Two doctors, one hired by the prosecution and another by the defense, declared Devoe incompetent to stand trial in December. Judge Brenda Kennedy signed an order Dec. 22 sending Devoe to Vernon State Hospital, a maximum-security psychiatric facility in North Texas.

A staff psychiatrist at the hospital ruled Devoe competent on Feb. 24 and requested that he be returned to Travis County, according to a document filed Monday at the Sweatt Travis County Courthouse. Devoe was admitted to the Vernon facility on Jan. 22, the document said.

Devoe was not yet in custody in Travis County, said Roger Wade, a spokesman for the sheriff's office.

Under Texas law, defendants must be able to understand the proceedings against them and to participate in their defense to proceed to trial. It is not uncommon for defendants once found incompetent to later be found competent.

Travis County Assistant District Attorney Dayna Blazey said in January that the state's psychiatric report stated that Devoe was unable to communicate with his lawyers. She added that doctors expected him to recover with care and medication and that he eventually would stand trial.

Blazey said Thursday that she does not know when Devoe's next hearing will be set.

One of Devoe's attorneys, Tom Weber, did not return a call Thursday for comment.

Devoe has been indicted on capital murder charges in Travis County in the Jonestown deaths of an ex-girlfriend's daughter, Haylie Faulkner, 15, and Haylie's friend Danielle Hensley, 17.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Police say Devoe fatally shot bartender Michael Allred, 41, at O'Neill's Sports Tavern in Marble Falls on Aug. 24, 2007, and then drove to the Jonestown house of his ex-girlfriend Paula Marie Griffith, 46.

He is accused of killing Griffith, her boyfriend Jay Feltner, 48, Faulkner and Hensley. Authorities say Devoe then drove to his native Long Island, N.Y., where he was arrested Aug. 27 at the house of a former co-worker.

On the way, Devoe had car problems and killed 81-year-old Betty Jane DeHart after seeing her car at her house in Greencastle, Pa., according to a criminal complaint.


Paul Devoe Murder Case

Aug. 24, 2007: Michael Allred killed in Marble Falls.

Aug. 26, 2007: Four people are found murdered in a Jonestown-area home. The dead are identified as: Paula Griffith, Jay Feltner, Haylie Faulker, and Danielle Hensley.

Aug. 27, 2007: Paul Devoe III is arrested in Central Islip, New York. After being placed in custody, a vehicle with Pennsylvannia license plates is recovered. When Greencastle, Pa. authorities check the address of the car's owner, they find the body of Betty Jane Dehart, 81. She was reportedly found with one gunshot to the head.

Sept. 11, 2007: Governor Perry signs the extradition papers for Devoe's return to Texas.

Sept. 21, 2007: Devoe, under tight security, is brought back to Texas and booked into the Travis County Jail.

Dec. 19, 2007: The Travis County District Attorney announces his office's intention to pursue the death penalty.

May 13, 2008: Devoe went to court in Travis County. A judge said he will decide if incriminating statements he reportedly made in jail will be used against him.

June 10, 2008: The judge decided those statements can be used by the prosecution in the case against him.

December 2008: Doctors declared Devoe incompetent to stand trial.  He was sent to a high security psychiatric hospital.


Suspect in 5 Texas Killings Arrested in N.Y.

Authorities Believe Paul Devoe, 43, May Be Behind 5 Weekend Homicides Near Austin, Texas

By David Schoetz

Aug. 27, 2007

A man suspected of killing five people in Texas since Friday was arrested today, more than 1,800 miles away in Long Island, N.Y., law enforcement sources have confirmed to ABC News.

Paul G. Devoe III, 43, was caught in Shirley, N.Y., by members of the U.S. Marshals New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force. His arrest a manhunt that began Thursday near Austin, Texas, after he was accused of holding a gun to a woman's head. The search continued through a bloody weekend that left five people dead, including four discovered by police in the same house Sunday.

Investigators believe Devoe walked into a bar Friday night in Marble Falls, Texas, and shot and killed a bartender.

Witnesses at the scene told police that the gunman fled in a blue pickup truck later tied to Devoe.

Investigators then responded to a Jonestown, Texas, home after police received a call from a family member requesting that police check on loved ones inside the house, Travis County Sheriff's Office spokesman Roger Wade told ABC News.

Authorities found four people dead inside the home. They also found the same truck that the gunman had been seen driving from the scene of Friday night's killing, Wade said. Missing from the parking lot was a white 2001 Saturn that belonged to one of the people found dead inside the Jonestown house.

The identities and causes of death for the four people killed inside the home have not yet been released.

"The medical examiner's office is finishing up their examination of the bodies," Wade said.

The initial incident took place on Thursday night in neighboring Llano County, where, according to the sheriff's office there, Devoe is accused of holding a gun to a woman's head and firing several shots inside her home. The woman reportedly escaped.

Devoe previously has lived at various addresses on Long Island, including Mastic Beach and Brookhaven, according to public records.


A Gun At A Bar Fight

On August 24, 2007, something got into Paul Devoe.  Cops say he walked into O'Neill's Bar in Marble Falls, Texas with the intent to kill. Cops say he was searching for a particular female and when he found her, he pulled the trigger. Luckily for her, the gun jammed.  A second woman came to intervene, another trigger pull and another jammed gun.  It seemed that Devoe's plan was not going well.

Witnesses say Devoe retreated the privacy of the bathroom. When he emerged with the .380, 41-year-old bartender Michael Allred stepped in front of Devoe to quell the situation. Sadly, the gun worked this time.  Michael was shot and killed.

A Man On The Run

After the shooting, the chase was on. But for Devoe, his weekend was just getting started.  Cops say he made the 30 mile trek east to Jonestown, Texas. 

On Sunday, August 26, 2007, Jonestown, Texas got a report of a shooting. When they got to a house on Hobby Lane, they got more than a simple shooting. A common-law husband and wife team were both dead, along with their daughter and their daughter's friend.  Cops believe they had been killed early Saturday morning. Cops believe Devoe is the shooter. Deputies believe Devoe took the family station wagon, a white 2001 Saturn with Texas plate Y43-ZWV. Latest word is Devoe has left Texas and is headed east.


Man Sought in 6 Deaths Is Arrested in New York

By Ralph Blumenthal - The New York Times

August 28, 2007

HOUSTON, Aug. 27 — A 43-year-old man sought in six killings since last week in the Texas Hill Country and in Pennsylvania was arrested Monday in Shirley, N.Y., after a brief standoff, the federal Marshals Service said Monday.

The man, Paul G. Devoe III of Llano, Tex., with roots in Suffolk County on Long Island, N.Y., was charged in one killing and held on $2 million bail, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in Texas said.

Mr. Devoe had been hunted after the killing of a bartender Friday night in Marble Falls, Tex., northwest of Austin, and the discovery of four bodies in a house in nearby Jonestown on Sunday.

On Monday, after Mr. Devoe’s arrest, the marshals added a sixth possible killing. They traced a car found with him on Long Island to a woman in Greencastle, Pa., near the Maryland border, who was then discovered dead.

Tom Smith, supervisor of the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, a group of Texas law enforcement agents sponsored by the United States Marshals Service, said the task force had learned that Mr. Devoe might be heading to Long Island, where his mother and sister lived, and midday Monday staked out a house belonging to a friend and former co-worker of Mr. Devoe.

“He was already in that residence,” Mr. Smith said. “They were going to knock when they saw him with a gun. He bolted, and they called for a SWAT team, but they were able to talk him out.”

Cmdr. Lenny DePaul, of the New York-New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force of the Marshals Service, said Mr. Devoe was being held for transfer to Texas and would be arraigned in Suffolk County on Tuesday morning. If he waives extradition, Commander DePaul said, Texas will send officers to take him back. He may also face charges in Pennsylvania and a weapons charge in New York.

The victims in the house in Texas included a woman Mr. Devoe was said to have known, her daughter, and two visitors. Officials said they might have been killed before the bartender.

Mr. Devoe’s arrest capped a search that began Friday night after the fatal shooting of the bartender, Michael Jay Allred, 41, in O’Neil’s Bar in Marble Falls. According to the Texas fugitive task force, Mr. Devoe had tried to shoot two women in the bar when Mr. Allred “heroically intervened and was gunned down.”

The same evening, according to the Llano County Sheriff’s Department, a man identified as Mr. Devoe held a gun to the head of a woman and fired several shots at a house in Llano where he was living and doing carpentry work. The woman was unharmed.

The search for Mr. Devoe intensified Sunday with the discovery of the bodies of Paula Marie Griffith, 46, her daughter, Haylie Marie Faulkner, 15, as well as a male companion of the mother and a friend of the daughter, in the Griffith home in Jonestown. The two unnamed victims were not officially identified pending release of an autopsy report. To expedite the case, Mr. Devoe was initially charged only with Ms. Griffith’s murder.

A son of Ms. Griffith, Jonathon Griffith of San Antonio, and acquaintances of the family were quoted by Texas news outlets as saying that Mr. Devoe had dated Ms. Griffith, and blogs posted a MySpace entry showing that Mr. Devoe had put up Ms. Faulkner’s photo as one of his friends. Mr. Griffith did not respond to a message left at his home.

Roger Wade, a spokesman for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were drawn to the house on Sunday after the father of Haylie’s friend reported that the girl had not returned home after a weekend trip she was to have taken with Haylie.

Deputies then found the bodies in the house and a pickup belonging to Mr. Allred. Ms. Griffith’s station wagon was missing.


Greencastle woman killed in home

By Pat Fridgen - Echo Pilot

August 29, 2007

A Greencastle woman was the final victim of an apparent six-person killing spree that began Friday in Texas. Betty Jane Dehart, 81, 15349 North Young Road, is believed to have died of a single gunshot wound to the head over the weekend.

Pennsylvania State Police from the Chambersburg Barracks were alerted at 3 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27, to a possible connection between Dehart and fugitive Paul Gilbert Devoe III, who had just been arrested in Shirley, N.Y. A car at the scene with Pennsylvania license plates was traced to Dehart.

PSP Trooper Ed Asbury said the United States Marshal Service called and asked them to check on the welfare of Dehart. Officers found her deceased in her home.

Police then called in Fire Police, the Franklin County Coroner, the Rescue Hose Company Medic Unit and PSP investigative teams. Those officers collected evidence and took photographs. They mapped and pinpointed the location of the car Devoe left at the home, should a reconstruction of the crime scene be required later.

Dehart's body was taken to Lehigh Medical Center in Allentown, where a forensic pathologist would perform an autopsy to determine time and cause of death.

A 2001 white Saturn station wagon with Texas plates was impounded. Asbury said after processing, it would likely be held until its owners claimed it.

Fire police Jeff Alleman, Warren Miller and Roger Johns, Greencastle, and John Howe, Marion, began arriving at 5:15 p.m. to block the entrance to Young Road from Hykes Road. They did not allow anyone to pass unless they lived on the road. As of 9 p.m. they had not received many inquiries from the public questioning their presence. They acknowledged most people were unaware of the murder.

Investigators were at the house until nearly midnight, and the property remained secured for much of Tuesday. Franklin County Deputy Coroner Thomas Bigler stood watch in the morning to make sure no one crossed the police line.

Jeffrey Conner, Franklin County Coroner, could not be reached for comment.

The trail from Texas

In a press release Monday the US Marshals Service stated that Devoe, 43, was arrested by the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force after a brief standoff that afternoon at a house under surveillance. Devoe was in possession of a handgun.

Devoe's first alleged murder occurred at 6 p.m. Friday when he shot Michael Allred, 41, in Marble Falls, Texas. According to published reports, witnesses said Allred, a bartender, intervened when Devoe attempted to shoot two different women in the bar. The women escaped unharmed.

On Sunday four bodies were discovered in a home outside Austin. A vehicle belonging to one of the victims was missing. Numerous law enforcement agencies combined forces and determined Devoe may have fled for his home state of New York. The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force contacted the NY/NJ RFTF for assistance Sunday. Devoe was caught Monday.

The United States Marshal for the Western District of Texas, LaFayette Collins said, "The unspeakable tragedies that have unfolded over this last weekend are unconscionable. Our condolences go out to the family members who have lost loved ones. I am thankful for the quick and dedicated response by the law enforcement community in taking Devoe in to custody before he was able to commit even more heinous crimes."

The press release did not name the other victims, but the Austin (Texas) Statesman identified them as Paula Griffith, a former girlfriend, her daughter Hailey, 15, Danielle Hensley, 17, and Jay Felton, 48. Griffith's 2001 Saturn station wagon was missing.

Devoe had been charged with murder and a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution on Friday.

Asbury said PSP and the district attorney's office will file charges for Dehart's murder.

Young Road was quiet on Tuesday morning. The five homes on the secluded tree-lined lane showed no signs of the heinous crime that had occurred a day or two before. Except for the yellow police tape that circled Dehart's trailer home and lawn. Her view to the front was Interstate 81, the highway that likely brought the killer to her door.


Portrait of accused killer is starting to emerge

By Denise Bonura - The Record Herald

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Paul Devoe III smiles at the camera straddling a red motorcycle on his page, which lists 33 friends, mostly women.

It's a far different picture from the man apprehended Monday afternoon in Shirley, N.Y., accused of killing six people, including 81-year-old Betty Jane Dehart of State Line.

Lenny Depaul, a U.S. Marshals commander in New York, said when Devoe, 43, was apprehended at a long-time acquaintance's home at 12:30 p.m., he was wearing a pair of blue jeans and no shirt.

The arrest

“We woke the guy up,” Depaul said. “He was afraid. He didn't want anyone to hurt him. In fact, I think he said, ‘I'm not going to hurt anybody, don't hurt me.'”

A short negotiating period led to his arrest without incident.

“It was only a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity,” Depaul said.

Devoe had a handgun in his possession and Depaul said investigators are still determining whether it was the murder weapon.

He was in the home of a friend, Gerald Baldoni, on River Road when he was located, according to Depaul.

“He (Baldoni) actually answered the door and said his friend, Paul Devoe, was inside,” Depaul said. “He had no idea (about the murders).”

Long record

Depaul said Devoe has been in and out of jail his entire life and has previous convictions for possession and drug-related crimes.

Court records indicate the Suffolk County Police Department, where Devoe is currently being held, had two warrants out for his arrest on a criminal contempt charge and a charge of disorderly conduct, according to an Austin, Texas, newspaper.

He also reportedly had three drunken driving convictions in New York state and served nearly five years for his third conviction in 1997. In 2003, he was convicted of aggravated harassment and criminal trespass, according to the records.

Cycle enthusiast

Devoe said in Internet dating profiles that he was self-employed and looking for women.

He claimed to have a down-to-earth personality and called himself “Wolf.” On a dating Web site, Devoe wrote he was “looking to met a friend and what ever happens from there.”

He listed interests as cuddling, dancing and “setting by the fire,” according to an Austin, Texas, newspaper. On one site, Devoe described himself as “a swinger,” the newspaper reported.

Accused murderer

Devoe is accused of killing five people in Texas, including reported ex-girlfriend Paula Griffith, 46, before taking Dehart's life in State Line.

Griffith reportedly dated Devoe for three months even though family members warned her not to, according to the Austin newspaper. She also reportedly had a restraining order against him.

However, Roger Wade, Travis County sheriff's office public information officer, said he knew nothing about a restraining order.

Devoe is originally from Long Island, N.Y. He reportedly moved to the Austin, Texas, area two years ago and was working as a carpenter in Llano, Texas, for a woman named Sharon Wilson.

Bartender's death

Devoe reportedly held two women at gunpoint in O'Neill's Sports Tavern in Marble Falls, Texas, after he fired several gunshots into Wilson's home and stole her pickup truck. Devoe ended up shooting bartender Michael Allred, who tried to intervene.

Davoe reportedly told a Travis County sheriff's informant in a phone call Saturday, “I've killed six people and I'm getting the ... out of here,” an affidavit said. It also says he told his mother over the phone that he had killed five people.

Depaul said Devoe had no connections in Pennsylvania. The State Line victim was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, police said.

Trooper Ed Asbury, public information officer with Pennsylvania State Police, said this morning that Dehart was found at 4:15 p.m. Monday in her Young Road home. He could not verify where her body was found. She died from a single gunshot wound to the head, according to police reports.

An autopsy on Dehart's body is being performed today in Lehigh Valley Medical Center. Asbury said it could take two days for the results to be returned. There was no answer in the Franklin County Coroner's office this morning.


Devoe is being arraigned in New York today.

“We sent some guys up there (to New York) to interview him last night,” Asbury said. “We hope to have them back here sometime today, confer with the district attorney and look at the possibility of filing charges.”


Paul Devoe indicted on two counts of murder

December 2, 2007

Two Leander ISD students were victims

Paul Devoe III, the man accused of killing six people in late August, including five in Central Texas, was indicted for capital murder by a Travis County grand jury on Monday.

In a tactical decision, Travis County prosecutors decided to pursue just two murder convictions at this time, although Devoe is accused of killing four people in Travis County.

The indictment is for Haylie Faulkner, 15, a Leander High School student; and Haylie's friend Danielle Hensley, 17, a Vista Ridge High School student. If Devoe is found not guilty in those murders, prosecutors can then try him for killing Haylie's mother Paula Griffith, 46, and her boyfriend Jay Feltner, 48.

Devoe is also accused of killing Marble Falls bartender Michael Jay Allred, 41; and Betty Jane Dehart, 81, of Greencastle, Penn. Devoe, who is being held in the Travis County Jail, told reporters in September that he did not remember much of his killing spree.

A panel of prosecutors will review the case and recommend whether Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle should seek the death penalty. Earle has sought the death sentence 11 times since 2001.



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