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Ricardo Muñoz RAMÍREZ



Two walkers stroll with the Downtown LA skyline as their backdrop. No one felt safe during the summer
of 1985, when Night Stalker Richard Ramirez repeatedly struck quiet, middle class neighborhoods
throughout the Southland. Photo by Mike Sergieff.



Sheriff's Deputy Bill Phelton on patrol at night in Temple City, where attacks by the Night Stalker
have caused rising fear in the community. Behind him, homes are visible, with their porch
lights turned on for safety. Photograph by Michael Haering.



A citizen frightened by the Night Stalker holds her gun in a posed photograph for the Herald Examiner.
The caption, a quote by the woman in the photograph identified as Debbie, reads "I don't know why the
Night Stalker started to bother me. Nothing like this has ever happened before. but it did. So when
my husband went on call the other night, I started cleaning and oiling my gun. I'm taking shooting
practice this week." Photo by Anne Knudsen.



Tim Stegeman, a Guardian Angel, pictured here with his mother, Ruth. During the Night Stalker summer,
many people went to extremes for security. Tim became a Guardian Angel in order to protect his mother.
Photo by James Ruebsamen



Health Food Store employee John Quinn stands beside the parking space where Night Stalker Richard
Ramirez dumped the stolen car used in the Mission Viejo attack. The 76 Corolla station wagon was
parked in the spot where the light colored car is parked in the photograph.

Photo by Paul Chinn.



Dr. Rodney Shelton Brooks, manager of Beverly Book and Bible, allowed officers into his store to
stake out the stolen vehicle when it was found abandoned in a Rampart shopping area lot.
Photo by Paul Chinn.



Lela Kneiding, 66, and Maxson Kneiding, 68, were brutally slain in their home of 28 years by Richard Ramirez.



Apartment building of Night Stalker victim in Santa Monica, at 1424 14th Street. The killer of Jean
Wildish entered her apartment on Santa Monica through the sliding glass door on her balcony.
Photo by Mike Sergieff.



Faustino Pinon and Jaime Burgoin sit in front of the Ford Mustang that Night Stalker Richard
Ramirez attempted to steal. Photo by James Ruebsamen.



Bill Gregory stand on Cottage Home Street in Chinatown near the Pasadena Freeway. It was here that
Night Stalker suspect Richard Ramirez stole Gregory's Toyota station wagon.
Photograph by Anne Knudsen.



Arturo Benavidez of Art's Barber Shop called police after Night Stalker Richard Ramirez tried to steal
 this occupied car in front of his shop. LA Herald photo by Leo Jarzomb.



Rosalio Dimas is pictured here with his garden shears. He tried to hit Night Stalker
Richard Ramirez as the suspect ran through his yard. Photo by Leo Jarzomb.



An Orange County Deputy stands near the 76 Toyota station wagon that Night Stalker Richard
Ramirez used in his attack in Mission Viejo. Next to the car is a coroner's crime scene
investigation truck. Photograph by Paul Chinn.



When Night Stalker Richard Ramirez stole Bill Gregory's Toyota station wagon, there was religious
literature like this inside the car. Shortly after the car was stolen, the Pastor whose church was
listed on the literature began receiving strange calls.
Photograph by Anne Knudsen.



A green 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix, believed to have been used by the Night Stalker, is inspected by
police in East Los Angeles. A man leans over the police tape, and jots something down into his
notebook, at left. In background, another officer inspects the front of the car.
Photo by Dean Musgrove.


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