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Sirhan Bishara SIRHAN



June 5, 1968 - Los Angeles, CA- A man identified as Jordanian Sirhan Sirhan, 23, (under raised arm) is
pummeled by a crowd, just after he allegedly wounded Senator Robert F. Kennedy in the Hotel
Ambassador here early June 5th. In the foreground is Los Angeles Rams tackle Rosie Grier,
 who helped subdue the man.



Man identified as Jordanian Sirhan Sirhan, 23, is taken from the Hotel Ambassador early June 5th
after he allegedly wounded Senator Robert F. Kennedy.



Jordanian immigrant Sirhan Bashira Sirhan is taken into custody following the shooting of
Sen. Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968 in Los Angeles, right after the Senatorís victory
speech in the presidential primaries held in California. (UPI Photo/Ron Bennett/Files)



Police "mug shot" of the suspect in the shooting of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, June 5, 1968.



Sirhan Bishara Sirhan



Sirhan Bishara Sirhan



Sirhan Bishara Sirhan



Formal felony complaint issues in Municipal Court here charged Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to commit murder on Robert
Francis Kennedy. Bail is set at $250,000.



Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the Palestinian gunman who shot Sen. Robert F. Kennedy,
 is seen on June 7, 1968. (AP Photo)



Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, right, accused assassin of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy,
is seen with his attorney Russell E. Parsons, June 1968.



June 13, 1968 - Vincent Thomas DiPierre, stands to the left of the spot (shown as the light or bleached
area by DiPierre's feet), where Senator Robert Kennedy was shot in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen on
June 4th. DiPierre, whose testimony before the Los Angeles Grand Jury was released June 13th, said
Sirhan had a "sick looking smile on his face" and that a girl in a polka dot dress was standing next
to Sirhan when the shots were fired.



The kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, where Robert Kennedy was killed during his
campaign for president. The 'X' in the foreground marks the spot where he fell upon being shot.





July 19, 1968 - Los Angeles, CA- Sirhan Sirhan, accused slayer of Robert F. Kennedy,
smiles at newsmen during his fourth appearance in court. Sirhan was granted a
continuance until 8/2 before he has to enter a plea to first degree murder.
The continuance was granted to allow further psychiatric evaluation.



Sirhan B. Sirhan between Sherrif's deputy and his attorney, Russell Parsons.



Sirhan's attorney talks with him on August 5, 1968, accompanied by Sheriff's deputies.



Sirhan's lawyer speaks with him, accompanied by Sheriff's deputies, on December 6, 1968.



February 25, 1969 - Los Angeles, California: A small part of several pieces of copy introduced
in evidence 2/25 at the Sirhan B. Sirhan trial which is a reproduction of Sirhan's diary, was the
cause of a "blow up" by the defendant who shouted that he wanted to plead guilty. In the judges
chamber, Sirhan said, "I would rather plead guilty-than have people think I am getting a fair trial.
 The defendant was later calmed down.



Sirhan Sirhan in pensive mood during his trial.


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