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Classification: Mass murderer
Characteristics: Shooting spree that targeted those he deemed responsible for the recent end of a romantic relationship
Number of victims: 6
Date of murder: November 7, 2012
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: 1982
Victims profile: Elena Lapshina, 25 / Natalia Plekhanova, 25 / Alexander Biryuk, 33 / Andrei Tertiakov, 33 / Denis Moiseev, 33 / Nikita Strelnikov, 30
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: Moscow, Russia
Status: In prison awaiting trial
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The 2012 Moscow shooting was an incident on 7 November 2012 in which six people were killed and one person injured by a gunman at a warehouse in northeast Moscow, Russia.


Five people were killed in a shooting spree in northeast Moscow in Russia. Hours before the shooting, Dmitry Vinogradov posted his hatred towards mankind on one of Russia's top social networks, Vkontakte.

The gunman entered the warehouse on Chermanskaya Street at about 10 AM on Wednesday November 7, 2012, dressed in camouflage gear and armed with two semi-automatic shotguns, a Saiga and a Benelli. He shot dead three men and two women and injured two others, a male and female, at their desks before giving himself up to security guards. One of the injured died during the night in intensive care, suffering from severe wounds. Vinogradov's girlfriend was said to be safe.


Police arrested Dmitry Vinogradov, 30, a lawyer at the Rigla pharmaceutical company that owned the warehouse. He was reported to have went on a five day drinking binge after being jilted by a co-worker.

On 8 November, Vinogradav apologized in court and pleaded that he had "no other choice". He also said that he had wanted to kill himself after the massacre, but was prevented from doing so. An investigator said that Vinogradov had been planning the spree since January. Vinogradov believed killing as many things related to humans was the only way to make the world better. Vinogradov was captured on security cameras moments before the shooting began.


‘Russian Breivik’ releases hate manifesto, kills 6 over relationship breakup

November 7, 2012

A Moscow lawyer shot five of his coworkers in the head Wednesday, killing them in a murder spree that targeted those he deemed responsible for the recent end of a romantic relationship. The sixth victim died in hospital the following day.

Before the killings, the murderer published a hate manifesto online.

Dmitry Vinogradov, 30, was arrested Wednesday on charges of killing five of his colleagues and critically injuring two more at the Rigla pharmaceutical warehouse in northeast Moscow, where he worked as a lawyer.

One of those in critical condition died in the hospital on Thursday.

Police said that Vinogradov had been drinking excessively for the past five days.

During a police interrogation, Vinogradov said that he had targeted those he saw as responsible for his breakup with a female coworker. “I was going out with one girl for a long time, but in January of this year we broke up,” Life News quoted Vinogradov as telling police. “I tried to restore relations, but failed.”

The end of the relationship apparently prompted Vinogradov’s drinking binge, and his murderous outburst.

He entered the Rigla warehouse wearing camouflage and, armed with a rifle in each hand, opened fire on his colleagues who were sitting at their desks.

“In March, I bought a rifle along with 200 rounds of ammunition and camouflage,” he said. Vinogradov reportedly wanted to kill the coworkers he believed had told Anna to end the relationship with him, and he wanted his ex-girlfriend to see the murders.

“I went to the office where Anna worked, said, ‘Hello, colleagues, and began shooting right in front of her eyes,” Dmitry reportedly told police. “I wanted them to see that I'm cool, and then I wanted to kill myself.

Vinogradov’s ammunition ran out and he was subdued by survivors in the room and then by security guards.

Vinogradov was a familiar face to the security officers, who allowed him to sneak the rifles in undetected. Both guns were registered under his name.

Closed circuit videos show that Vinogradov brought the ammunition and the vest for them in his backpack. It has been reported that he then spent almost half an hour changing clothes in a bathroom and preparing for the shooting.

“All his moves were recorded by CCTVs. He came to work at 8:19 am, came into the bathroom and, after he changed his clothes, went to reprisal at 9:49 am,”

Life News quoted the head of regional investigative committee, Sergey Galashko, as saying.

­It took the killer 18 seconds, according to video records, to kill five people – four in the office room and one on his way in the corridor, Life News also reported.

Now the main question for the investigation is why the killer had no problem passing the security desk. Detectives are to interrogate the guards who did not display vigilance, letting the armed man in.

The head of Rigla’s economic security Andrey Fedoseev has been sacked following the bloody tragedy.

The victims included two women and three men, aged 25 to 33, who were employees of the company’s finance department.

One of the victims turned out to be an accidental casualty – that morning, Denis Moiseev came to Rigla’s office to be hired for work.

Another victim, a man, who was wounded in the shooting, died in hospital the following day.

A woman was also injured as she attempted to flee the scene. She is now in critical condition.

‘Russia’s Breivik’ publishes hate manifesto before killing spree

Before the killing spree took place, Vinogradov posted a manifesto on the Russian social network VKontakte, imitating Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. In the manifesto, he describes his hatred of humanity and his desire to kill as many people as possible.  

“I am sure that I have good reason to believe all of humanity is cancer living on this planet,” the manifesto stated. “Already in 2011 the world population reached seven billion, and this is despite the fact that current consumption rates already exhausted the Earth’s resources."

­It goes on to argue that there are not enough wars or diseases in the world, and that natural selection no longer functions effectively.

“I hate the human society, and I hate to be a part of it, I hate the futility of human life, I hate this very life, I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible,” the document reads.

The manifesto ends with a call to “understand that you are not wanted here, you are the genetic garbage that is here on Earth because of an error in the evolution. You are trash that needs to be destroyed.”

Psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov commented on the published manifest and drew the comparison between Dmitry and Breivik.

This man harbored ideas of hatred and anger to the world and he was planning his evil doing, such as where to do it,” Dr. Vinogradov told Life News. “The shooting does not fit with his manifesto, which is written in a clear and concise language.”

“Most likely, it is schizophrenia. [The] catalyst in his situation could be ridicule by peers, inability to share his ideas with others, or just the fact that he did not fit into the team,” he said.

Dmitry Vinogradov’s mother confirmed the psychiatrist’s observations: “People at work mocked him somehow”, she told Life News. “Before breaking up with [his girlfriend] he bought a trip for both of them to Edinburgh. But after the breakup he decided not to go by himself and then became heavily depressed.”

According to Vinogradov’s mother, he sought psychiatric help and was prescribed pills, which he did not take on Tuesday. She also said that for the last six months, he had practiced shooting at a range outside of Moscow.

Vinogradov’s online profile portrays him as a nature enthusiast and environmentalist. He had posted pictures of himself saving birds from areas affected by oil spills, and said that he dislikes consumerism and modern life, yet he admitted to being addicted to them. ­

After the shooting, comments on his online profile page ranged from anger to obscene name-calling. One user wrote, “Idiot! You should have started with yourself and your own relatives first!!! Why did you leave them alone?” Another one said, “I hope you live until one hundred and rot alone in prison."


Pictured: Gunman seconds before embarking on shooting spree in his office in rampage that has now claimed six live

By Will Stewart -

November 8, 2012

Shocking images of a gunman moments before he shot dead six people in front of an ex-girlfriend who had ended their relationship were today released by police.

Dmitry Vinogradov, 29, launched his deadly attack, which lasted just 18 seconds, in a Moscow office yesterday.

CCTV footage of the disgruntled lawyer shows him walking into the building wearing a large rucksack carrying guns, heading into a toilet and then emerging heavily armed and clad all in black.

He then walks calmly up stairs, killing two men on the way, and into an office where he killed four more.

His former girlfriend, accounts department clerk Anna Kaznikova, 26, can be seen running from the room. She escaped unharmed.

Vinogradov was then overpowered by office workers, and tied up by security guards.

His sixth victim, Nikita Strelnikov, died today. The 30-year-old suffered multiple wounds in the massacre as he sought to shield female colleagues from the gunman.

Two women and three other men were also killed in the shooting spree in the offices of a pharmaceutical company; all were shot in the head.

The other three male victims were named as Alexander Biryuk, Andrei Tertiakov and Denis Moiseev, all 33, and the women were Elena Lapshina and Natalia Plekhanova, both 25.

Yaroslava Sergenyuk, 24, was struck by a bullet to her chest which pierced her lung, and another which damaged her nose. She was rushed to hospital by helicopter and is fighting for her life.

Vinogradov's rampage was sparked after he was jilted by Miss Kaznikova. It was first reported that she had been wounded, but it now appears her ex-boyfriend let her escape unscathed,
He had called her minutes before storming the office room where she works.

Instead of at her, he aimed his two guns - one in each hand - at office workers who he blamed for mocking him, thus prompting her to end their relationship.

The spree lasted only 18 seconds before he ran out of ammunition and was overpowered.

Kaznikova did not speak about the shooting but she revealed: 'We started dating in summer last year. He made me little sweet presents, took me to the cinema. But he was too romantic for me, we never got too close.

'We finally split up in winter when he started being angry. He was really jealous. In January, he sent me a text message and blamed me for making him feel angry. He also called me rude names.'

Hours before his bloody attack, Vinogradov posted a 'manifesto of hate' on the internet, comparing mankind to a 'giant cancer tumour'.

His sinister manifesto, posted at 4.56am yesterday, drew immediate comparisons with Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, who shot dead 69 people at a camp last year.

Police say Vinogradov came to the Rigla plant at Chermyanskaya Street, Moscow, where his ex-girlfriend worked, at 9am and was allowed in as a lawyer for the company.

The killer then went to the toilet where he changed into army fatigues and went out into the depot with a Saiga hunting rifle and an Italian-made Benelli shotgun.

He gunned down two men on the stairs before going into his ex-girlfriend's office where he shot his other victims.

In a chilling confession, he later told police: ‘We were dating for a long time but in January this year we split up. I tried to get her back but failed.

'In March, I bought a rifle and 200 bullets and a uniform.

‘My colleagues are to blame - they advised Anya to split with me. I came into the office where Anya worked and said: “Hello, colleagues”, and she saw how I began to shoot all of them.

‘I wanted them to see how strong I was and then I planned to kill myself.’

Vinogradov’s mother Elena Vinogradova revealed on Wednesday that the couple had rowed before breaking up over a romantic trip he had booked to take her to Scotland.

She said: ‘He quarreled with that girl Anya from the finance department. He is from the law department.

'I understand it that his shooting was in the finance department. It is likely that they mocked him somehow.

‘Before they split up, he bought her a trip to Edinburgh, ordered everything, paid for it all, and some two days before it she said: “I'm not going." He was in a horrible depression after that.’

Vinogradova had been on medication to cope with his depression but had not taken it the day before the shooting.

His mother added: ‘He was absolutely quiet yesterday,’ adding that she had tried to discourage his interest in shooting.

In his manifesto posted on a Russian social site which also included racist images, Vinogradov declared: ‘I hate human society and I am disgusted to be a part of it! I hate the senselessness of human life! I hate this very life! I see only one way to justify it - to destroy as many parts of the human compost as possible.

‘This is the only right thing which everyone of us can do in his life, it is the only way to justify it, the only way to make this world better.

‘The way of surviving and self-perfection of a man is a mistake, it leads to a dead end, to destroying of all the rest, of all what is really alive.''


Mass murderous Moscow lawyer apologizes for massacre

November 8, 2012

Confessed mass killer Dmitry Vinogradov, the 30-year-old Muscovite lawyer who shot six people dead, apologized in court Thursday during an arraignment hearing, pleading that he had “no other choice,” than to take on his unarmed colleagues with two assault rifles on a normal weekday morning.

The killer added that he wanted to take his own life after the massacre, but was prevented from doing so.

Investigators filed with the court to sanction Vinogradov’s arrest during the arraignment hearing in the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow. Investigators expressed concerned that if released on bail, the defendant could tamper with crucial evidence.

The prosecutor noted that Vinogradov constitutes a significant threat and that the rampage caused a public uproar, that’s why `he should be arrested. The accused himself didn’t object to being arrested.

During the proceeding, the judge read out the testimonies of witnesses present at the scene of the crime. Vinogradov is said to have shown up at work the day of the rampage wearing a full suit of camouflage. Assuming it was part of an elaborate joke, no one raised an eyebrow at his choice of attire. His colleagues characterized Vinogradov’s personality – prior to the mass shooting – as considerate and polite.

Vinogradov looked sullen as he sat before the judge during Thursday’s hearing – his head hung low and his shoulders stooped. The atmosphere in the courtroom was devastating and full of mourning.

Five of Vinogradov’s coworkers died at the scene, and another has since passed away at the hospital.

Aleksey Kuzyukin, who was appointed by court to represent Vinogradov’s interests, claims his client to be insane.

After 40 minutes of deliberation, the judge agreed to issue a warrant for Vinogradov's arrest, thereby officially sanctioning his detention till January 6, 2013.

The case is fresh and his motives yet unknown, but insight into his mental process may be gleaned from a manifesto posted to his account on popular Russian social network VKontakte shortly before the incident. The manifesto details Vinogradov’s disgust with human society. He explores the parallels between humanity and cancer cells, explaining that both destroy everything in their paths, the path of the former being the planet. He believes that throughout the course of its existence, mankind has defied the laws of nature in its relentless quest for eternal life. In particular, this has been a slap in the face to natural selection. Thus not only have we lost sight of genetic weakness, we have encouraged its perpetuation under the guises of “humanity” and “tolerance.” In conclusion, he declares, ““I hate human society, I oppose being a part of it! I hate the senselessness of human life! I hate this very life! I see only one way to justify it: destroy as many particles of this human compost as possible..."


Moscow killer told of homicidal urges before shooting spree

November 12, 2012

A Moscow lawyer’s recent workplace shooting rampage, which killed six, may have been preventable. He reportedly told at least two other people of his homicidal urges before the incident, and posted a foreboding message on a social network.

An investigation by daily newspaper MK revealed that 30-year-old lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov spoke about his homicidal feelings with a female colleague at the Rigla pharmaceutical company, a psychiatrist and even with his ex-girlfriend, Anna Kaznikova.

Vinogradov’s breakup with Kaznikova reportedly sparked a period of deep depression in which he contemplated suicide. His mother convinced him to visit a psychiatrist; Vinogradov first mentioned his homicidal thoughts to the doctor, and related his suicidal tendencies.

The psychiatrist diagnosed Vinogradov with ‘masked depression against the background of organic disorder,’ and prescribed him numerous antidepressants. The medications apparently had little effect, so he stopped taking them.

After the massacre, some psychiatrists speculated that Vinogradov was wrongly diagnosed, and that psychosis and schizophrenia would have been more accurate. They also noted that antidepressants are contraindicated for such diagnoses, since they can trigger serotonin syndrome, which leads to aggressive outburst.

A few months after Vinogradov broke up with Kaznikova, he published a photo of an African boy with a machine-gun on his Vkontakte page with the caption, "Off with racism, kill them all." It was allegedly a cry for help directed at his ex-girlfriend, which went unnoticed, but anyone who looked at his page could have seen the disturbing message.

Vinogradov then spoke with one of his colleagues. Shortly before the shooting rampage, he reportedly told a woman in the legal department that he fantasized about shooting everyone in the office.

Lonely and angry

“I cannot communicate with people,” Dmitry allegedly once told his mother, “Anything could be expected from them, they might laugh at or abase me. I love solitude most.”

He went to college and received a legal degree, and also studied programming and IT. He began his legal career at Rigla, and soon was promoted to lawyer

Vinogradov had a handful of workplace romances while working for Rigla. His second girlfriend reportedly left him early this year after he insulted in a text message.

“I got flashes of anger. I started considering self-immolation in front of her eyes in the office, or to buy a gun and do a shootout. Sure, I didn’t plan to kill anybody then. I just wanted to do a masculine act in her presence to bolster self-esteem,” Vinogradov told police after the rampage. “I thought everyone was set against me.”

He then illegally bought a medical inspection to obtain a firearms certificate, which allowed him to buy two sporting guns. After obtaining the weapons, he trained with them at various shooting ranges.

‘I wanted to kill as many people as possible in front of her'.

Early in the morning on November 7, Vinogradov published his ‘manifesto’ on Russian social network Vkontakte (‘in contact’), saying that he hated the human race.

He then drove to the Rigla office with a backpack containing two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and camouflage fatigues. He changed clothes in the bathroom and called Kaznikova to make sure she was in the office.

He then emerged from the bathroom and fired upon his coworkers, killing six. Kaznikova fled the room while he was shooting. A 24-year-old woman was injured during the shooting and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

“I just wanted to make Anna see what she’s made of me. I wanted to kill as many people as possible right in front of her eyes,” Vinogradov told police.

“He is a vulnerable, modest and timid boy,” Vinogradov’s mother told MK, “Probably he is self-contained a little bit but also very kind, calm, mindful and conflict-free. I don’t know why he did it.”

Vinogradov is currently in police custody. He has been charged with mass murder, and is expected to undergo psychiatric evaluation soon.

On Monday, the Moscow prosecutor’s office demanded that Vkontakte take down Vinogradov’s page. His profile is still up, as is his ‘manifesto.’ Since the Wednesday massacre, it has received around 17,000 ‘likes.'


Mass killer Vinogradov indicted for inciting extremism

April 22, 2013

Dmitry Vinagradov, a Moscow lawyer who shot and killed six people and has been dubbed the Russian Breivik, was indicted Monday according to a statement by Russia's Investigative Committee.

Vinogradov used two semiautomatic shotguns to shoot his colleagues while at their desks in November 2012. Five died in the attack, and the sixth died afterwards in hospital.

Before the shooting, Vinogradov posted a manifesto on his social network page, detailing his disgust with society and comparing humanity to cancer. He said that both humanity and cancer destroy everything in their path.

Vinogradov wrote that humankind has defied the laws of nature in its relentless quest for eternal life and this has been a slap in the face of natural selection. Thus, not only have we lost sight of genetic weakness, but we have even encouraged its perpetuation under the guises of "humanity" and "tolerance," he wrote.

The psychological and linguistic assessments of the text state that it contains appeals for a mass extermination of humanity and justifications for this, the Prosecutor's Office's press release read.

Vinogradov has been charged under several articles of the Criminal Code, including murder, assassination attempt, supporting extremism.



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